Mega-Big HAPPY News!

I've devoted most of this year to exploring new worlds, specifically pertaining to my writing. I have a few irons in the fire, but one of them is a definite and yesterday I got the official okay to shout the news to the world. So here I am—shouting and happy dancing like a loon.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m collaborating with James Patterson (Yes, you read that right. Bestselling author JAMES PATTERSON!) and his Bookshots team to write a story for Bookshots Flames!

The working title of this romantic women's fic endeavor is THE WEEKEND WIFE and… I’ll share details as soon as I can. Just know that I am over the moon excited about this fast-paced, emotional tale and this very special opportunity.

A shout out to my agent, Amy Moore-Benson, and my editor, Laura Fazio, for their tremendous support. And, of course, to James Patterson for the challenge and thrill. Somebody pinch me!