New Release!

Hello friends and a big honking wa-hooooo!

Marry Poppins, the 3rd book in my Impossible Dream series is available for your reading pleasure! Happy release week for me. Happy reading for you!

I adore this cover. So dreamy. And, even thought it gave me fits along the way, I love this story. Here's the scoop.

When fate bobbles your dream, sometimes you have to make your own magic….

She wants a family. He needs a wife. A marriage-of-convenience solves a myriad of problems for unlucky Georgie Poppins and down-on-his-luck Bryce Morgan. Falling in love wasn’t part of the bargain so no one is more surprised than Georgie and Bryce when sexual sparks ignite a full-blown romance. Unfortunately, as love swells, trouble mounts, including a glitch at Impossible—an Internet company designed to match people with their most avid desire. Maybe Georgie and Bryce weren’t meant to be after all.

Reader Advisory: Feel-good romance with humor and heart!


Presently available in digital (ebook) via these three vendors... 

Kindle   /  Nook  /  Kobo 

Coming soon to iBooks. Also coming in PRINT! 

Check back for updates and random giveaways. For those who like to read a sample chapter or two, check out the nifty app below. Just click below the cover on preview and read!  


Until next time...  May all your dreams come true!


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