For those who are (im)patiently waiting...

I've received a couple of very polite queries asking for the release date of MARRY POPPINS, the 3rd book in my Impossible Dream series. In a perfect world this story would have been in readers' hands already. Unfortunately, my world was less than perfect last year, hence the delay. I appreciate your patience, or even impatience, and although I cannot provide you with a specific release date, I can say soon.

Writing wise, I'm in the final stretch and then it is a matter of production--edits, formatting, and such. I very much hope you'll find this installment of Impossible Dream worth the wait. Some stories take longer than others to root and blossom and this was one of them.

As I close in on the final chapters, I find I am rediscovering my love of this tale. That's a magical thing. When writing and rewriting a story over the course of several months, one can easily "fall out love" with your premise. It's easy to lose perspective and to worry the story is drek or the writing is drek. You wonder, "What was I thinking? and "Where am I going?" and "Will this story never end?" But then something clicks and suddenly your fingers fly. You're no longer thinking. You're living the story via the characters. That's where I am right now and that, my friends, is a beautiful thing. For me. And you.

So again, I thank you for hanging in. Below is a teaser. A small something to hold you over until I get the full story into your hands. Read and enjoy and chime in for the subsequent GIVEAWAY!

* * * *

a teaser from MARRY POPPINS

Even though Bryce had assured her not all people dressed up for the theater, Georgie couldn’t resist going all out. Fortunately, Angel had supplied her with two dresses suitable for finer entertainment. Georgie had settled on a simple black halter dress and strappy red heels. The same heels she’d worn to Bryce’s non-wedding. The difference was, her non-wedding dress had skimmed her knees. This hemline stopped mid-thigh. So, yeah, her legs were on prime display.
Feigning innocence, she asked, “Anything wrong?”
“I should go.”
“Anywhere. I need to walk this off.”
It was all she could do to stay seated, to feign calm. He looked gorgeous and miserable and she wanted to tackle him to the floor. “Walk what off?”
Bryce palmed the back of his neck and rubbed. He blew out a breath. A tense breath. A really tense breath.
Georgie practiced extraordinary patience.
“That dress. Those shoes. You. The past few days.” He stuffed his hands in the pockets of his trousers, studied the toes of his boots.
Georgie waited.
“You look hot, dammit.”
Her pulse kicked. If only he didn’t sound so disappointed. “Thank you. I think.”
“I can’t be here. This—and don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about—can’t happen.”
Heart pounding, Georgie made a judgement call. Enough patience. Time to initiate derring-do. She rose to her bare feet and closed the distance between them. “Okay. No pretending. Let’s face this head on.” She inched closer, pressing her body to his, acknowledging his oh-so-noticeable package. “Why can’t this happen?”
He remained frozen, staring down at her in stoic silence.
“Because I’m Ryan’s sister?” she prodded. “Because you’re on the rebound? Because you don’t love me and you don’t want to complicate matters with meaningless sex? Because you’re conflicted about the twins and your future and you need me to be there for them and for Arlo so you can honor your charity commitments and pursue whatever?”
She rattled off everything she could think of because there wasn’t one forthcoming bone in Bryce’s infuriatingly hunky body. The man guarded his innermost thoughts as if they were a flipping national secret.
He worked his jaw. “Yes.”
“To what?”
“To everything.”
She wanted to punch him—the big stubborn, noble, ex-jock. “What if I told you meaningless sex is all I’m interested in? What if I told you I have no intention of bailing on your nanny job—no matter if this happens or not—because that job is the only thing keeping me afloat until my dream job comes through. Which—in case I didn’t mention it before—should be soon.”
If she said it often enough, maybe it would happen. Maybe she’d get that golden email from Impossible Dream alerting her of a wondrous opportunity. As it was, the only notices she’d been getting were from bill collectors.   
Jerking her thoughts back to pleasant ground, Georgie dug in. “Here’s the thing. Ignoring this attraction won’t make it go away, Bryce. Addressing it might. If it helps,” she lied, “I meant what I said that day at Grace Chapel. This isn’t a matter of the heart. This is purely physical.” 
And that was about all she could muster in the derring-do department without sacrificing her pride.
Bryce closed his eyes and cursed.
When he reached for his jacket, Georgie turned her back. He was leaving. Fine. “Go for your walk. Forget I said anything,” she said while fumbling with the zipper at the back of her dress. “I’ll be in bed by the time you get back, sleeping this off.”
She heard the door open…
Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Do. Not. Cry.
…and shut.
“Dammit,” she swore when the zipper wouldn’t budge and her temper overflowed.
            “Screw it.” Bryce cupped her shoulders and turned her in his arms.  

* * *

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*A signed copy of Beauty & the Biker (book 1)
*A Kelly Rae Roberts "Dream" Sketch/Notebook
Winner announced here on 1/26/16 
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Bryce is a former pro football player with a heart of gold. Dark hair/dark eyes. I'm looking for some "Hollywood" inspiration! 


Sherry Tew said…
Well, if I go by my age, I would have to say Tom Selleck. That man is still handsome and was always a fantasy of mine! If I ignore my age, then Chris Pine is right there at the top of my list!!
Kelli Jo said…
Everyone I'm coming up with gas light eyes - let's see - maybe Oscar Isaac or Alex O'Loughlin (his eyes are dark blue).
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley Woods said…
I gotta say that Theo James is some kinda hot. He has a killer smile and eyes to die for!
Carrie said…
Two words for you...Tom Hardy.
Beth Ciotta said…
Ooh, some guys I didn't think of. Love the suggestions, ladies!
Erin Baldwin said…
It was super hard for me to choose just one, but I have to go with Joel Kinnaman! Yum yum yum!!!
sparks06 said…
hmmm well. I would have to say Matt Smith.. I think he is a sexy man..
hollie said…
There are many I would love to choose, but I will follow the rules and pick one..let's say Idris Elba. He is quite the pretty man. (I strayed from my knee jerk reaction of Mark Wahlberg..)
Carole said…
Bradley Coopers is my new favorite hottie! I pick him!
Bonnie Franks said…
Johnny Depp. There are others but, well, Johnny Depp.
Bonnie Franks said…
Johnny Depp. There are others but, well, Johnny Depp.
Cathy said…
Hugh Jackman! He is gorgeous and then the accent. Love me a an with an accent.
Megan Tonn said…
I think I'm going to have to go with Stephen Amell
My latest dream guy is Sam Heughan (Outlander), with that great Scots accent.
ReadingOverTV said…
How about Chris Pratt. Cute and generous with his time for charitable causes.
EmmyLou said…
Definitely Theo James!
Jenn Walls said…
Love Stephen Amell! Theo James is definitely a hottie! Ian Somerhalder is another.
Jenn Walls said…
Love Stephen Amell! Theo James is definitely a hottie! Ian Somerhalder is another.
Jenn Walls said…
Love Stephen Amell!! Theo James is a hottie! And Ian Somerhalder!
bn100 said…
Chris Hemsworth

bn100candg at hotmail dot com
Celesta Walker said…
Tom Selleck or Johnny Depp
Diane Blaser said…
OMG...Aidan Turner!
Debi Murray said…
Ryan Reynolds, enough said.
Beth Ciotta said…
What fabulous suggestions! I had to google a few names, but then saw faces and thought, "Oh, him." Followed by, "Yum." How to choose?
Fedora said…
Hugh Jackman? Hugh Laurie? The "Hughs" have it, Beth!

Thanks for sharing about this new book to celebrate!
Dawn A Jones said…
Hi, Beth,

Jude Law and thanks for sharing about your new book.
Lana Kaelin said…
Ian Somerhalder! Hot!
Nancy Jones said…
Mark Wahlberg would be my pick.
Rita said…
Josh Holloway who used to star in the TV show LOST. He is now starring in the new show Colony.
Melissa said…
The "new" John Krasinski.....perfect
missmaria said…
Going to show my age here, but John Stamos!
jbcweiss said…
Tom Selleck or Matthew McConaughey
Anonymous said…
Dina said…
loving Chris Evans right now, swoon! ;)
Beth Ciotta said…
These are all so great! Thank you for the yummy visuals. :) Be sure to check back on Tuesday for the name of the random winner!
Cindy Dy said…
I enjoy reading all your post in your blogs. I guess you are a great blogger beacuse you have a lot of comments in your blogs. Keep on posting. Please inspire more people through your post! Fighting!


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