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Winner and a Hero

Happy Tuesday all!

First, I want to thank everyone who entered the Impossible Dream giveaway. I adored reading all of your visual suggestions for "Bryce"--the hero of Marry Poppins. All great suggestions. ALL inspiring. ;)

That said the random winner of the ID tote bag, copy of Beauty & the Biker, and the Kelly Rae Roberts Dream Journal is....

I only have a first name, but "Dina" suggested Chris Evans. (yum). Dina please send your mailing address to

As for Dina's choice for Bryce.... Oh, yeah. This works :)

And now that I'm properly inspired.... Back to MARRY POPPINS!

For those who are (im)patiently waiting...

I've received a couple of very polite queries asking for the release date of MARRY POPPINS, the 3rd book in my Impossible Dream series. In a perfect world this story would have been in readers' hands already. Unfortunately, my world was less than perfect last year, hence the delay. I appreciate your patience, or even impatience, and although I cannot provide you with a specific release date, I can say soon.

Writing wise, I'm in the final stretch and then it is a matter of production--edits, formatting, and such. I very much hope you'll find this installment of Impossible Dream worth the wait. Some stories take longer than others to root and blossom and this was one of them.

As I close in on the final chapters, I find I am rediscovering my love of this tale. That's a magical thing. When writing and rewriting a story over the course of several months, one can easily "fall out love" with your premise. It's easy to lose perspective and to worry the story i…

New Year, New Look, New Worlds

2015 was a year of transition for me. I only had two new releases--OBSESSED and ON THE NAUGHTY LIST--but, trust me, I was hard at work. I divided my time between revising and reinventing my indie-pubbed backlist, writing new story proposals (three in all) to submit to traditional publishers, and working on the next novel in my Impossible Dream series. Not to mention all the hours I dedicated to the business side of my career.

Still, I felt oddly unproductive. And frustrated. As much as I love writing and reading romantic fiction, I found it difficult to progress at my normal speed on my latest novel. This was a source of angst and depression and I spent too much time wondering "why" when the reason was obvious. After writing nearly thirty romance novels (and a dozen more romance proposals), I'm itching to conquer new worlds. The proposals I wrote and pitched to my agent in 2015 prove it.

Two of these new proposals are supernatural mysteries and one is a supernatural Young…