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Flash Sale -- Wild West Adventure with Heart!

Popping in to let you know about a special promotion! Starting tomorrow (10/1) Romancing the West (book 2 of Peacemakers: Old West) will be a featured Kindle Countdown!

1878--For Government Agent Seth Wright, thwarting the blackmailer threatening to expose Emily McBride’s secret identity proves as challenging as resisting the librarian’s charms. If you’re a fan of fast, amusing reads, sexy romance, and an intriguing mystery, this award-winning book is for you! “Pure charm!” (Heather Graham)

Bargain prices for a six day run--digital only. For the lowest price--.99--be sure to hop over to Amazon on 10/1 or 10/2! 

Scroll on for an excerpt and--bonus--cowboy candy.


With the meeting behind him and free time ahead, Seth surveyed the wide street bordered with cottonwood trees and adobe buildings.  In addition to a couple of respectable hotels, assorted general merchants, a schoolhouse, a library, and the newly erected National Bank, Phoenix boasted sixteen saloons, four dance ha…

ON SALE! Sassy, Spooky, Sexy Fun!

This past week my historical western, Lasso the Moon, was available at Amazon/Kindle for free for two days only. My sincere thanks to everyone who took advantage and I so hope you enjoy the read! If you are indeed a fan of the Peacemakers, be sure to check out book 2 and 3--Romancing the Westand Fall of Rome!

On the heels of that fab promo, I've learned that Belle Books/Imajinn is running a promotion on SCANDALOUS SPIRITS, a tale I wrote with my good friend--awesome author--Cynthia Valero. It's on sale for .99 for a limited time. Available in digital at Kindle, nook, and iTunes. Woot!

As an FYI, originally this work was published under a joint pen name--CB Scott. But recently this book and two others we wrote--Kindred Spirits and Knight of my Dreams were blessed with new cover designs and at that time we chose to also use our real names. We hope you'll indulge and enjoy are united magic!

For a glimpse into the hi-jinx, follows the prologue for Scandalous Spirits!


Romantic Adventure -- FREE for Two Days Only!

Popping in with a super cool sales alert! Does FREE count as a sale? Because that's what I'm talking here. A chance to read LASSO THE MOON, book one of Peacemakers: Old West, for FREE today and tomorrow only via Kindle!

Already read it? Gift it to a friend. For Free! Or share the love and laughter by sharing the news with fellow readers!  As always, I thank you for your amazing support.

Enjoy an Excerpt!
CHAPTER ONETerritory of Arizona, 1877 He’d kill Mason Burke if he weren’t already dead. Damn his will and that damned stipulation. Joshua Grant threw back a shot of rotgut, marveling at the dead man’s tenacity. Six feet under, and his uncle had still managed to get in the last word.         “Can I get ya’ anything else, Sheriff Grant?”  
         “Yeah, a wife.” Josh glanced up from the bullet-nicked bar to the scrunched-up face of its owner. “Never mind. Hit me with another shot. On second thought, make it a double.” His future as a wedded theater owner flashed before his eyes. …