Revitalization and Risk

Bear with me through the set-up. I swear this is not solely a promo shout. It's a promo shout leading up to a peek into how my mind works and ending with a question for you!

If you've been following me on Facebook or Twitter or even here (for the last couple of days), you know that I'm celebrating the reissues of my historical western series: Peacemakers: Old West. LASSO THE MOON, the first adventure in the series is on sale now for .99. Digital version only and only until July 24. If you haven't taken advantage, do so soon!  

Book 2 and 3--ROMANCING THE WEST and FALL OF ROME are also available in digital for bargain prices. If you prefer a good ole book in your hands, they're available in print as well.   


Gifting these tales with new covers (thank you EJR Digital Art), tweaked editing, and a sale with a two-week ad campaign allowed me an opportunity to garner new readers. Revitalizing these stories also revitalized my love of the Garrett family and assorted associates as well as the wild, wild, west. I had forgotten how much research and intrigue I'd weaved into these books--along with a lot of heart and humor. I very much enjoyed reconnecting with that part of myself and my writing. This revitalization of the series left me inspired!

Avid fans of the Peacemakers have been asking for Boston Garrett's story for a very long time and, after being waylaid for several professional reasons, I'm finally in a position (and frame-of-mind) to deliver the goods. Although I have multiple projects on my plate right now I am indeed simmering on Boston's adventure--working title: LOVING A LEGEND. Slated for release in early 2016.

You may have noticed that in this post's title I used the word RISK. And here's where that aspect comes in. The first three Peacemaker tales are straight-up historical western romances. I am inspired to approach LOVING A LEGEND in a slightly different way. The inspiration came from various directions. 

  • A 2014 trip to Arizona which included a visit to Jerome. This artsy, unique town is situated on the side of a mountain and has a stunning history. I knew at some point I would write a story that took place in Jerome and it would entail a ghostly or paranormal aspect.

  • A while back I ran a post on Facebook about two television series. FIREFLY and THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCOE COUNTY, JR.  I was thrilled to learn I'm not the only rabid fan of these shows. Both of these series were cult hits and both combined wild west and sci-fi/fantasy aspects. They were also sexy, romantic, and peppered with wit and humor. Everything I love.  

  • This past year I fell in love with the cable series (book) OUTLANDER and rediscovered my love of a classic tale by Jude Deveraux--A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR. Two words: Time Travel 

All this "inspiration" swirled and settled around LOVING A LEGEND as well as a spin-off series--Peacemakers: New Breed.  There's a key scene in FALL OF ROME where Rome tells his younger brother Boston, "Get your own damned life." When that story ends, in my head I knew Boston would head off in search of that life. I also knew he would have a hard time finding it. As a past government agent, current Peacemaker, and a popular dime novel hero, he's pretty much seen and done it all. What and who could shake this man's world?     

One morning not so long ago, I had an epiphany. It involved dropping a twenty-first century woman into Boston's nineteenth-century world. I can see it and even better I can feel it. Here's where RISK comes into play. The preceding linked books are straight up historicals. Will fans of the standing series be intrigued or turned off by a paranormal twist to Boston's tale? And will they follow the Peacemakers into a new world--a spin-off series inspired by my imagination and the cult series mentioned above? 

Would you?  


Ann Lorz said…
What a nice post. I love your historical series. It had some very good characters in it. Big fan of Firefly too! The new spin off sounds good!
Beth Ciotta said…
Music to my ears, Ann. Thank you for chiming in!
Casey Hagen said…
I love this idea for the new spin off!!! Go for it :D
Beth Ciotta said…
You do, Casey? How thrilling (and encouraging)! Thank you!
D Motto said…
Along with your great contemporary romances, I loved your Spirits books, and Her Sky Cowboy had some cool out-there ideology. I can see you taking bits and pieces of the various ideas, and working them into a neat new concept. You are versatile like that. :-)
Beth Ciotta said…
Is versatile a nice word for "this-side-of-crazy"? LOL That's what I feel like sometimes, Deidre. A creative spaz who can't seem to fall into one consistent stream of storytelling. Thank goodness there are readers like you who'll follow me into less conventional waters. Yes, indeed, a funky mash-up in is my/your future. ;)
Gayle Cochrane said…
I love, love, love Serenity . I would read a time travel western, sounds very intriguing. I have never read a historical western fiction, so since I am just starting to read your books so I will go take a look. I was always a fan of Big Valley, so maybe I am missing out. I just read Jinxed and loved it.
Beth Ciotta said…
Gayle, Serenity is a huge fave of mine. I was so thrilled that I saw the Firefly series before I saw that movie as it totally set me up emotionally as well as back story wise. And I adored the western flavor/slang/clothing of that project. :)

As for historcial westerns, I enjoyed Big Valley as well as well as a whole slew of western TV shows in that period. My historical romantic western series was influenced by movies like Maverick (Mel Gibson), Tombstone (Kurt Russell) and Silverado. They have the same humor and heart as JINXED, but they take place in the wild west--late 1800s--and feature a tad more intrigue. Especially the second two. If you read them I hope you like them!
Roni Denholtz said…
I'm one of those who have longed for Boston's story! I would be content whether it's a straight historical western, a time travel, a twist on your steampunk series, etc. In other words I'd read his story any which way!
Beth Ciotta said…
I wish I had a million readers just like you, Roni!! Thank you! :)
Sherry Tew said…
Like others have previously commented, your Spirits books (I have Scandalous Spirit) and your steampunk series are both very well done. Combining the two, with your writing style and gift, will be awesome, I truly have no doubt. I am thrilled for you to be following your heart and dream down this slightly different path - how exciting for us all! :-)
Beth Ciotta said…
You've started my morning with a big ole smile, Sherry. Thank you!
this is very interesting

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