A Project of Mystical Proportions

As noted in my previous post, I have devised a plan for broadening my horizons. I'm still in the midst of writing MARRY POPPINS, the third book in my modern-day fairy tale series--IMPOSSIBLE DREAM. And I'm jotting story notes for CHRISTMAS IMPOSSIBLE, WANDERLUST, and LOVING A LEGEND. All of these tales fall with the romance genre and they are slated for release within the next seven months. Yes, I'm pushing my limits. As I've said before, I'm not a speedy writer. However I am presently, fiercely focused and inspired.

Part of what's driving me is knowing that I'm working toward breaking into a new genre--Fantasy Mystery. THE EXTRAORDINARY QUEST OF ZOE ALBRIGHT (which I plan to Indie publish) is already a work-in-progress. Meanwhile my goal is to also sell a fantasy mystery project to a NYC traditional publisher. I spent the last three days heavily revising a proposal I started a while back for a fantasy mystery that takes place in the 1920s. I'm working new muscles big time. It's a challenge and it's a joy. I *think* I finally nailed it. I'll be submitting that proposal to my agent in the next couple of days. I hope she'll be as excited about the story as I am. Wish me luck.

Step one in broadening my horizons.

Is there something new you've been wanting to try? Something that will push your limits? Broaden your horizons? Something that seems almost impossible?




Amanda McIntyre said…
I think this sounds brilliant, Beth! Wishes for the dream to take flight!
Beth Ciotta said…
Oh, how lovely, Amanda! Thank you for the optimistic support. I cherish it.
Sherry Tew said…
I am certain you will nail this just like you did when you ventured into the steampunk genre, and I can't wait to read it!!!! I LOVE fantasy!!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thank you for the vote of confidence, Sherry! Great to know I have a fantasy lover in my circle. :)

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