His Clockwork Canary ... Launches Today!

I can't believe it! Another release day right on the heels of HIS BROKEN ANGEL (GVD 1.5). Today (and all this month) I'm celebrating the release of HIS CLOCKWORK CANARY (GVD 2)--the second full-length novel in the series steampunk, genre-bending series: The Glorious Victorious Darcys!   


"Ciotta has written another imaginative, whirlwind adventure, featuring a daring hero and a spirited heroine, incredible inventions, and ├╝bernefarious villains."—Booklist (**Starred Review**)

"This audacious fantasy romance will have readers goggle-eyed and thirsting for more."—Publishers Weekly

"Ciotta's one-of-a-kind characters, unusual setting and amusing, intriguing plot makes this an amazingly fun adventure!”—RT Book Reviews

"Teens will find Ciotta’s steampunk romance inventive and exciting."—Shelley Mosley 

"Romance story … yes … and this middle-aged man enjoyed it. Recommended for the steampunk enthusiast and must-have for your steampunk home library." Barry Huddleston, Gnostalgia


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HIS CLOCKWORK CANARY should be in all chain bookstores, and hopefully many independent bookstores, but you can also find it at all major e-tailers such as: Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Apple, Books-Million, etc. In Digital AND Print formats. 


I so appreciate everyone who buys one of my books. The more you buy the better I look to my publisher and the more stories I get to tell via mass traditional means. Thank you! But I also know that these are hard times, plus... so many great books to choose from and limited budgets! That's why I also like to offer giveaways. Hoping to win a free romantic adventure? I've arranged a few options. 
Visit one of these places for a chance to win a signed copy of HIS CLOCKWORK CANARY!

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Still with me? Here's a glimpse of HIS CLOCKWORK CANARY via a fun video teaser. Enjoy!



Happy Release Day, Beth. I love to win yur books, but I have bought a bunch of them too. I have them all!!
Anonymous said…
You might want to see this posting:


I would have loved to support you, but you are now out of my budget range for ebooks.

Disappointing because I even had your new books listed in my calendar for release purchases.
Beth Ciotta said…

Thank you for the good wishes and your continued support. Always thrilled to hear from you. Good luck in the contests!
Beth Ciotta said…

I'm sorry for your disappointment, though puzzled. The Amazon Kindle version of HCC is not listed for $10.17, as stated in the complaint, but for 7.99. At least that's what I'm seeing and that is in line with my other books from Penguin. For what it's worth I have no control over pricing. If that price point is still an issue, perhaps consider entering one of the contests listed in my blog post?
All best--Beth
Anonymous said…
Hi there, I also came across the same amazon price as Anonymous above has. I was able to take a screenshot of the amazon.com window showing the higher price point at $10.17. Not sure what is happening, but I too would like to be able to get your book at the 7.99 price. Here is a link to the screenshot:


It's unfortunate that this shows up when some of us go to get a kindle version of your newest book.
Beth Ciotta said…
Anon 2,

Thank you SO much for that screen shot. I'm passing it on to my publisher pronto. It's not what I see when I go to Amazon, so I have no idea why some of you are. Confusing and frustrating. Hopefully the problem can be addressed pronto. I appreciate the information. So sorry for the inconvenience!

Cheers, Beth
Maura said…
Just wanted to say, finished reading the Clockwork Canary today, after reading Doc Blue's adventure, and I am ready for the next one. Keep those Steampunk fantasies coming! You have created a very intriguing world, and I imagine Jules story is next, but wonder about some of the other characters, like Phin. I will be on the lookout for the next one - thanks for sharing your imagination.
Janel said…
I absolutely love the Clockwork Canary. I am going to check out some of the other books now. Thanks for an informative blog!

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