"The Trouble With Love" BOOK TOUR!

As the old saying goes...  MY HOW TIME FLIES!


Yesterday, Thursday, I spent the first part of the day seriously believing it was Wednesday. Until I got a rude awakening. Gak! Then I spent the rest of the feeling discombobulated, llike I'd somehow lost a whole day! I'm beginning to worry about myself.

Meanwhile I am making tremendous progress in several areas. Writing and promotional projects. Busy times, but good times. I have a lot on my plate just now so I'm not sure if I'll be able to post again before release day. That's right. Release day--March 26--for THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE is just around the corner!

I'm proud to annouunce that I joined for with Lisa at Tasty Book Tours and she coordinated a monster virtual book tour for THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE over the next two weeks. Instead of writing a bunch of guest posts or participating in several interviews, this time around my goal was to simply get the word out about this book that I love so much. The cover, the blurb, a little bit about moi .... that's what you'll find at most of the blog stops--the goal being massive exposure. HOWEVER, we're also giving away five copies of TTWL. so please be sure to stop by and comment for a chance to win. Below is a listing of the two week tour!

March 25th- The Avid Reader

March 26th- Mom's Reading Corner
(Stop 2) SMI Book Club

March 27th- Angie Derek, Author
(Stop 2) Reading Renee

April 2nd- Romance Bookworm

April 3rd- Racing to Read

As a bonus there is also going to be a Release Day Blast!! You'll find TTWL featured on nineteen different blogs on Tuesday, March 26. Stop by and say "hi". Remember commenting makes you eligible to win a print copy of THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE this story?

1. Mom's Reading Corner
2. Romance Bookworm
3. For the Love of Bookends
4. Angie Derek
5. Racing to Read
6. Paws and Prints
7. Romancing the Book
8. SMI Book Club
9. Reading is my Time Out
10. The Avid Reader
11. Reading Renee
12. Storm Goddess Book Reviews
13. Romancing the Readers
14. Romance Addiction
15. Queen of All She Reads
16. The Little Black Book Blog
17. A Tasty Read Book Reviews
18. A Day in A Book
19. Fab, Fun and Tantalizing Reads

I'll try to send reminders and links via Facebook and Twitter as the days hit. Meanwhile, thank you for your continued support and please do share the love by spreading this news! 

Cheers and Cupcakes! -- Beth  


Olga said…
Wow, Beth, the book tour sounds amazing! And there are only several hours left until the release of THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE!
Jill Spira said…
I just finished reading Fool For Love -- stayed in bed on my day off today until 10 am! Then I copied the recipes. Can't wait to read TTWL and see the story continue!
Anonymous said…
Hi!! I'm Valentina and I'm writing from Italy! I just finished reading Fool For love ( Italian title La ricetta dell'amore) amazing!!! When we could read The second chapter of Capecake lovers in Italian ?!? I hope soon!! Please let me know when it could be possible!! Thank you and congraturation, your stories are fantastic!!

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