Countdown to Rocky & Jayce

Fifteen days and counting down! I cannot WAIT to share Rocky and Jayce's story with you. But I'll have to. For fifteen more days. Although... I can share a snippet. An exclusive snippet not shown anywhere else. Right here on my shiny-new-looking blog. Makover compliments of Elle J Rossi of EJR Digital Art. I can't decide of the header art is sexy or romantic. I'm thinking both! Where was I? Ah, yes....


“Are you going to beg off next Sunday and the Sunday after that? Avoid J.T.’s on the off chance I might be shopping there? Shun the Sugar Shack in case I drop by for drinks or dinner? If you think I’m going to boycott Moose-a-lotta, think again. Aside from the Burkes, the Monroes are the most influential family in Sugar Creek. Your relatives are everywhere and they’re an important part of my life. I won’t be a hermit and I’m not leaving town,” he said calmly. “You’re going to have to live with that. With me and what’s burning between us.”

Rocky spun so fast she neglected to switch off the mixer. Icing splattered everywhere! On her. On Jayce. The counter and floor. Flustered, she cut the power and returned the beaters to the bowl. Heart pounding, she turned to give Jayce hell, only his intimate proximity stole away her breath.

“If I taste and like,” he said, cupping the back of her neck and pulling her close. “Can I have?”

Her inner thighs tingled. Oh, no. She tried to object when he licked icing from her cheek, but all that came out was a low lusty groan.


“Honey-cream-cheese,” she said in a breathy voice.

“Rocky Monroe.”

Oh, God.

He licked and nibbled her chin, her ear.

Rocky could feel herself slipping under Jayce’s spell. Control. Take control! She licked a splatter of icing from the corner of his mouth, bit his lower lip in order to warn him off, break the spell, but the aggressive move backfired. A sensual thrill shot through her when he winced then counteracted with a punishing kiss, a kiss that melted the last of her feeble resistance.

They were all over each other. Grappling. Kissing.

Next thing she knew half their clothes were in a puddle on the floor. She should care, but she didn’t. She should stop, but she couldn’t.


Mary Stella said…
I LOVE the new look of the blog, B. Of course I LOVE the excerpt too. Can't wait to read the entire bok.
Tor Hershman said…
[____]---{ good luck with them chin gnawers }
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks so much Mary and Tor. I'm super excited about release day!
Olga said…
Wow on the new blog's makeover! Looks amazing. And I can't wait to read the story of Rocky and Jayce. I already pre-ordered the book!
Dawn A Jones said…
Hi, Beth,

Love the look of your new blog pretty color, and can't wait for the new book.

Beth Ciotta said…
Thank so much, Olga! So glad you like the makeover and super thrilled you pre-ordere TTWL. Enjoy the adventure!
Olga said…
Thank you, Beth! I'm sure I will love it. Your books are always so much fun to read! There are only several days left until THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE release!

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