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HER SKY COWBOY -- Launch Week Celebration!

Hello friends!

As some one who lives on the Jersey Shore, these are traumatic times. I feel so blessed to report that me and mine and our house are fine, but I have many friends who were severely ravaged by Hurricane Sandy and even now a great many suffer on the eastern seaboard. My heart goes out to everyone affected and I ask that if you can spare even ten dollars, please consider contributing to the American Red Cross.

It feels a little shallow, promoting my new release, but I need some normalcy in my life just now and I am so very proud of this book. I hope it brings joy to thousands!!

I'll be on tour this week--cyber speaking that is. After the visual treat below, skim down and you'll see links for all of the blog stops. A mix of interviews and features and each blog will host a book giveaway. visit and comment and you could win a copy of HER SKY COWBOY! (See the fab reviews in the previous post)

The Book Tart blasts off this Launch Week Celebration with a spectacular vid…