Bits and Bobs ... and a Thank You!

While researching British and Scottish lingo for the book I'm writing now (His Clockwork Canary -- GVD 2), I ran across the phrase "bits and bobs" which is essentially "this and that". When I thought about writing this post that whimsical phrase came to mind. So much has happened in the past couple of weeks. Some things pertaining to FOOL FOR LOVE and some to HER SKY COWBOY. This and that. Bits and bobs. 

In no particular order....

**UPDATE 9/18-- *A foreign rights sale!  FOOL FOR LOVE sold to an Italian publisher and will be released in Italy, Spring 2013!   

Now as I was saying.... 

*Because of the lovely book launch party last Saturday--as hosted by the Brigantine Branch Library--the big local newspaper wrote a feature highlighting my career as well as bits and bobs about FOOL FOR LOVE as well HER SKY COWBOY. Fun pics from the launch party were included. If you wish to read click here.            

*FOOL FOR LOVE made the 'Top 100 Bestselling Romance Novels' at the Rhapsody Book Club. Woo-hoo! It's also avail though the Doubleday Book Club. Both 'clubs' offer a hard back version! Gotta get my grubby paws on one of those! (Yes, I am easily thrilled.) 

* Steam-a-licious excitement! Assuming this happened due to NAL submitting HER SKY COWBOY to Publishers Weekly for review. PW reached out, asking to interview me specifically about this launch book in my new steampunk series, calling it "uniquely fresh and entertaining"! A reporter contacted me with some pretty intense questions. Aside from putting my brain through the wringer, I think I did okay. I hope! Will let you know when the feature runs. I'm still in shock and floating!

*A few new reviews for FOOL FOR LOVE...

“Fool for Love is a sweet, steamy, funny, and charming romance with well-developed characters who are easy to relate to and totally draw you into the novel.” --Affaire de Coeur Magazine

“If you enjoy contemporary romances with well drawn, relatable characters, emotion, humor, heart and heat you will love this story too.” –The Book Tart (on Fool For Love)

“From general stores to cell phone difficulties to moose, Beth Ciotta has captured living in small town Vermont perfectly. This delicious new series is heartwarming, fun, and just plain scrumptious!” – Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries, and More

“A tale that is funny, romantic, and a hoot to read, FOOL FOR LOVE will make you hungry for cupcakes while you read this tasty romance.”– Romantic Reviews Today

“Delightfully entertaining, FOOL FOR LOVE is packed with humor, madcap antics, interesting characters, family dynamics, passion, romance and plenty of love.-- Romance Junkies

* * * * * *

As you can imagine, I am over the moon thrilled that so many wonderful things are happening for these books and, as a result, my overall career. But none of this would be possible if it weren't  for you--my readers, my friends. To all the people who have supported me throughout the years and for those just now joining me on this long and winding journey . . . Thank you. All I can say is that I am truly blessed. My hope is that I will return your kindness by providing more hours of romantic adventurous escapism via several upcoming novels.

Peace and joy!


Olga said…
Beth, I loved reading Fool For Love. And of course, congrats on so many exciting news! Great article, and yay on upcoming feature in PW!

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