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Exciting Buzz, Exclusive Preview, and a Cool Contest

Cupcake Lovers alert!  Checking in with some special treats! Up first: Exciting Buzz!

* The very first review for the launch book in the Cupcake Lovers series, FOOL FOR LOVE (coming August 28), is in. A delicious review from Publishers Weekly! I've got one word (or is is two?) --Woo-hoo!

Fool for Love Beth Ciotta. St. Martin’s Paperbacks, $7.99 mass market (400p) ISBN 978-1-250-00132-0 Setting up her Cupcake Lovers romance series, Ciotta (Charmed) draws an array of distinctive well-developed characters. Chloe Madison, newly graduated from Manhattan’s Culinary Arts Institute, is dumped by her boyfriend, Ryan. She leaves the city for Sugar Creek, Vt., where her best friend lives. Chloe was once a spontaneous live-in-the-moment person, but Ryan molded her into a sedate woman. Now she needs to reclaim her identity. Her job as companion to Daisy Monroe, a feisty 75-year-old, seems simple in theory, but in reality leads to nonstop hilarious situations from which Daisy’s sensible, ultra-resp…

Coming Soon!

Cupcake Lovers alert!
Coming soon (compliments of St. Martin's Press), an on-line Honorary Cupcake Lovers Club! Prepare to share recipes, baking advice, baking successes and horror stories, and oodles of fave cupcake pics. Links to cupcake novelties welcome too! All cupcakes, all the time! More bonuses TBA! Who's waiting in the wings to join in the yummy fun?  Stay tuned for details!