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It's been awhile since I've checked in. Thought I'd do a quick drive by for anyone wondering about the latest updates on my books... or life. It's all about juggling projects just now so that make life interesting and time crammed. Deadlines are plentiful. Not that I'm complaining.

* I just researched, wrote and submitted the synopsis for my novella in the Christmas Anthology that will be coming out in 2013. A Harlequin Nocturne project I'm thrilled to be collaborating with amazing authors (and my dear friends) Heather Graham and Kathleen Pickering. Stay tuned for updates!

* Presently revising the second book in the Cupcake Lovers Novel series--THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE (coming March 2013 from St Martin's Press). Hard work, but worth the effort. This story is going to sing!

*Presently writing the first draft of the second book in my steampunk series--The Glorious Victorious Darcys. HIS CLOCKWORK CANARY, (a project for NAL/Penguin) is scheduled for release June 2013. As with the first book in this series--HER SKY COWBOY (coming 11/6/12) this story requires a ton of research involving the 1880s and 1960s as well as matter relating to steampunk and time travel, oh, and civil engineering. Interesting, fun, but a huge challenge.

*Also coming in May 2013 is a Glorious Victorious Darcy e-Special from NAL/Penguin. HIS BROKEN ANGEL (working title) will be a novella available in digital form only. It will feature two characters that you'll meet in HER SKY COWBOY. Scheduled for release one month before HIS CLOCKWORK CANARY, the enovella is a bridge between novel 1 and novel 2, so I'm thinking of it as GVD 1.5.  Interesting note: I'm writing HIS CLOCKWORK CANARY (GVD 2) before writing HIS BROKEN ANGEL (GVD 1.5). It's because of when they were contracted and how deadlines fell. So basically I'm writing them out of sequence. I've developed a special calender where I noted key plot points on specific days fro both GVD 1 and GVD 2 so that I'll know who was where doing what when I write GVD 1.5. Confused? Welcome to my world.

* Speaking of calendars, I created something similar along with character charts and charts that keep track of places and things such as a character's specific car for the Cupcake Lovers series. it's the only way to keep things straight. forget my memory! Writing this particular series is a bit like writing a soap opera or a nighttime drama series like Gilmore Girls or Brothers and Sisters. A large cast of friends and family and lovers. There is an overall arc to the series so you follow all these characters and their lives from book to book. Each book features one specific romance between two characters. I'm having a blast writing this series. I'm hoping readers will love the characters of Sugar Creek as much as I do. The biggest challenge here is in creating realistic characters that readers will love or hate, sympathize or root for. Focus on emotion.  

You may look at all this and wonder how I juggle so many projects. How I'm able to switch my mind back and forth between writing historical steampunk and contemporary fiction--although both are under the romance fiction umbrella. The Christmas Anthology is paranormal and for me, deals with witches. So that's another whole world.  I don't know how I do it myself. I just do it. For me I guess it boils down to imagination and hard work, plus trusting in the amazing support and guidance of my critique partners, my agent, and my two fab editors. All I know is that, even though I sometimes amazingly stressed, I'm also the happiest I've ever been. Writing stories and eventually sharing those stories with readers is an amazing rush and a huge source of contentment.

I'm so very excited about the August release of FOOL FOR LOVE (Cupcake Lovers) and the November  release of HER SKY COWBOY (Glorious Victorious Darcys). Pins and needles excited!!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all of you for you support and for making it possible for me to live my dream!  


Hi Beth,

Looking forward to all your new books. I love your book!!!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks so much, Tammy! Can't wait to share the new stories with you. ;)
Olga said…
Beth, I got tired just reading this! I don't know how you juggle so many projects.
Olga said…
Btw, I'm really looking forward to reading your Cupcake Lovers Novels!
Dawn A Jones said…
Hi, Beth, They all sound great, can't wait to read your new Cupcake Lovers Book, keep them coming....

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