New Cover and a Collectible Cupcake Recipe Card

Even though I've been in the publishing business for several years, every now and then something still trips me up, stuns me, or pleasantly surprises my socks off. This is one of those 'pleasant surprise' deals. If you follow me here or on FB or Twitter... or if you've been to my website lately, you know I've had the cover for my August release--FOOL FOR LOVE--for a few months. However a funny and wondrous thing happened.

Recently this story caught fire internally at my publisher, St. Martin's Press. People within the company are reading and loving the story and after much thought and discussion, they decided to take a different approach to the cover art. A design that spoke more to the romance and small community aspects of the book, a cover that captured the feel of the story more accurately. Now don't get me wrong, I adored the original cover....

But I love, love, LOVE the new cover! Once you read this story (hoping that you do!), you'll see why this is the perfect art for FOOL FOR LOVE. Behold the amazing new art and my reason for happy dancing like loon!

Changing the cover so close to the release date is a REALLY big deal, rarely done. So that tells you how excited St Martin's is about FOOL FOR LOVE. They want to give this story the very best chance possible for grand success. In addition we're brainstorming some possible fun interactive social media events for The Cupcake Lovers. More details as I know them!

In the meantime... as it happens I had already ordered some cupcake recipe cards based on the original cover. They're really cool and feature Honorary Cupcake Lover, Gina Husta's recipe for Chloe's Carrot Cupcakes. Yum! I plan to start a whole collection of these recipe cards, but this launch card is now a 'collectible' of sorts because it also features the original cover!


If you would like one of these collectible cupcake postcards, please email me with your mailing address at:

You can pre-order a copy of the book with the NEW cover in either print or e-book form at almost all cyber book sites, incuding Amazona dn Barnes and Noble!  
Stay tuned for more exciting news! Until then, happy baking (or eating!) and peace, love, and joy!


Elle J Rossi said…
I love the new cover! It's really fantastic. So much excitement around this book. Hurry up and release it already!
Beth Ciotta said…
I hear you Elle. Is it August yet?? :)
I love the new cover, Beth! I loved the first one - it made me hungry for something sweet - but the second cover makes me want to read a romantic story about finding love :).
Hi Beth,

Love the new cover. I already have it in my Amazon cart. Will buy it very soon.
Valerie Bowman said…
I love them both but I agree that the new one is absolutely LOVELY! And I want one of those collector cards! : )
Beth Ciotta said…
Julianne, those were my thoughts too. ;) So glad you like. I'm quite excited!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Tammy! Always such a joy to see you here. Glad you like the new cover and than you, as always, for your amazing support!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Valerie! Yay for the thumbs up. Thank you! Will be happy to email you the recipe card. Just email me letting me know where to send. Have a scrumptious day!
leighevans said…
Gorgeous! Gorgeous!
Dawn A Jones said…
Hi, Beth , also love the new cover...the first one was great, but have to say this one does pop out at you...can't wait for the book....Also loved the collectible recipe card...
Olga said…
The old cover was delicious and I liked it, but the new cover is gorgeous and very romantic. Looks wonderful!
The cover is just great and I especially love the cupcake recipe cards.

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