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Shop to Make a Difference!

Hoping everyone had a spectacular holiday weekend! Just popping in to let you know there are only two days left to bid on some super fantastic items and service over at Brenda Novak's On-Line Auction to benefit Juvenile Diabetes!

To see items donated by me, I've included direct links in the right side bar of this blog. However once there, please do skim all the offerings. It's quite wonderful and for such a good cause. Remember... only two days left!

Peace and joy,

Exciting News, Cool Art, and a Rambling Ramble

It's been a jammed packed Spring thus far and things won't be slowing down any time soon. Not that I'm complaining.  Late Friday I completed and submitted the manuscript for THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE, book 2 in my new series Cupcake Lovers. Though exhausted, I am so very pleased with how the story evolved. At one point I even made myself cry. Not because I was frustrated or tired but because a scene moved me that deeply. I've 'laughed' rereading something I wrote, but I'm not sure I ever 'teared up'. That was pretty cool, I have to say.

In light of my zombie-fied brain and body, I declared yesterday a Mental Health day. Although two immediate deadlines were (are) nipping at my conscious, I had to replenish. I spent the entire day on my own, away from the house, shopping for a few summer clothes and treating myself to a movie I'd been dying to see.

One word. WOW! The writing was brilliant and the acting top notch. Darkly intense, yet funny. As a scre…

Steampunk Cover Reveal!

Clearly the Cover Gods are smiling on me. First I received that awesomelly gorgeous cover redesign for FOOL FOR LOVE. Then yesterday I got the official cover for the launch book in The Glorious Victorious Darcys series--HER SKY COWBOY.  What can I say except.... WAHOO! Oh, and STEAM-A-LICIOUS!

Ready for a romantic adventure?

New Cover and a Collectible Cupcake Recipe Card

Even though I've been in the publishing business for several years, every now and then something still trips me up, stuns me, or pleasantly surprises my socks off. This is one of those 'pleasant surprise' deals. If you follow me here or on FB or Twitter... or if you've been to my website lately, you know I've had the cover for my August release--FOOL FOR LOVE--for a few months. However a funny and wondrous thing happened.

Recently this story caught fire internally at my publisher, St. Martin's Press. People within the company are reading and loving the story and after much thought and discussion, they decided to take a different approach to the cover art. A design that spoke more to the romance and small community aspects of the book, a cover that captured the feel of the story more accurately. Now don't get me wrong, I adored the original cover....

But I love, love, LOVE the new cover! Once you read this story (hoping that you do!), you'll see why thi…

Let the Bids Begin!

Today marks the launch day for the month long on-line auction sponsored by awesome author and humanitarian, Brenda Novak. All proceeds benefit Diabetes Research! Please do visit Brenda's auction, skim the hundreds of items and services up for bid and take part in this incredible cause. if you glance over to the right column of this blog you'll see the direct links to items I have donated. I hope you'll see something of interest, but know there is so, so much more to bid on. Please spread the word and thank you for your support!