The Grown-Up Girl's Makeover

Even though I'm crazy busy working on two new series, I've been coming up for air every now and then to work on a new me. Inspired by the book The Grown-Up Girl's Guide to Style by Christine Schwab, I'm making changes in my personal style little by little.

First and second steps accomplished this week. Hair. A new color and cut.

Next week, new eyeglasses. After that the tedious task of weeding through my mostly outdated and definitely overflowing wardrobe. I plan on giving a lot of things away. Then I'll slowly rebuild my wardrobe based on fit and fashion (and comfort!). Thinking about exploring the wonders of eBay for that!

Anyhow, here's the new 'do'...

And a quote from Schwab's fantastic book...

Turning forty, fifty, or sixties not about getting older, it's about becoming ageless...


Mary Stella said…
Your hair looks terrific!
Cynthia Valero said…
Go, B! I love your hair!

I'm in the same place with my clothes. They're just not me anymore.

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