Sunday, October 30, 2011

Embracing my Diversity

Every once in awhile I get an itch for change. More than anything, I change my hair color and the look of this blog. Two weeks ago I added blond highlights to my hair. Today--a blog makeover. I changed the background and colors and font, added character profiles to the GVD page.

My multi-talented sister, Elle J Rossi, created the new banner above. Cool, huh? More on that in a minute. Two weeks from now I have an appointment with my fabulous website designer, Rae Monet. We're going to discus a whole new look for my website. For once, it's not just because I have an "itch". It's because, although I love the present hip, adventure, contemporary look, it no longer reflects my upcoming body of work.

In 2012 I'm debuting two new series. THE CUPCAKE LOVERS--contemporary from St. Martin's Press. And THE GLORIOUS VICTORIOUS DARCYS--steampunk romantic fiction from NAL (Penguin). In 2013, I'm participating in a Christmas anthology with authors, Heather Graham, Deborah LeBlanc, and Kathleen Pickering--paranormal romance from Harlequin Nocturne.  In addition to that literary smorgasbord, my backlist also involves historical westerns, a subgenre I adore and could well venture back into at some point.

When writing in different sub-genres, some writers prefer to use different pennames. I didn't go that route. As I think toward the future and the ever popular concept of "author branding", it occurs to me that I should embrace my diversity. A website and a blog that highlight all my work--past, present, and future. I look forward to my web designer's next creation and will let you know as soon as it's live.

Regarding this blog... Gone are the days where I contribute a post on a daily or even weekly basis. Happily, I'm contracted for several books and the majority of my time and energy goes there. I thought it would be more truthful and advantageous to use this "space" for NEWS & EXTRAS. Since I want all readers to have one central place to check in, I'll be deleting the GVD Steamblog. All news regarding all sub-genres will be right here. Extras include character profiles for both new series. There's a page for The Cupcake Lovers and a page for The Darcys. See the tabs above. The Cupcake profile is still a work in progress, but you can peek in. The Darcys are fun. Check them out. More Extras forthcoming.

Since I'm reinventing myself in a way, I've decided to streamline my social networking, pouring time and energy into the ones that work best for me, where people are more interactive, and where I have the most fun. For doses of daily life, pics, musings, and fun questions and quotes join me on FACEBOOK! I'm there more than I should be. Such fun keeping up with everyone. I'm also active on TWITTER, although not nearly to the extent of FB. MySpace is history and Google+ is fast on its heels.

Before I go, I want to give a special nod and thanks to my sister, Elle J Rossi. She's not only an extremely talented singer and writer, but she's also a gifted photographer and digital artist. She created my new header banner that you see above--reflective of all my worlds. I love it!

So what do think? Do you like my new look? Do you read the works of other authors who write in multiple genres? If so, who?


Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Look for E-Readers

Every published author has a unique journey to share.  Universally writers are not offered the same opportunities nor do they make the same choices. There is no right or wrong as long as you stay true to your artistic self and somehow, some way make your stories available to the world.

Although I started my journey alone, I soon teamed up with an amazing writer, Cynthia Valero, who became, and remains, one of my best friends. We co-wrote three paranormal romances under the pen name CB Scott, all three published by ImaJinn Books. It was an exciting time and remains a great source of pride.

A few years later, I had the opportunity to publish my first solo novel--JINXED--with a new independent publishing house--Medallion Press. It was the start of something fabulous, the launch of my career as a solo author, and the basis for several long lasting professional friendships. I wrote six novels for Medallion. Three connected contemporary romances and three connected historical westerns. I love them all! I had a blast writing each and every one and very much appreciated the creative freedom extended to me by Medallion as well as the fabulous covers and marketing efforts.

Why the walk down memory lane, you're wondering. It's because I'm thrilled to announce a new effort on Medallion's part to introduce three of my previous releases--JINXED, CHARMED, and SEDUCED to new readers, specifically e-readers.  Starting November 15. 2011, The Friends and Lovers Collection will be available via Kindle, Nook, and various other e-readers! Not only that, but Jim Tampa and MP's fabulous art team designed new covers! Although I have always been a fan of the original cartoon art (Thank you, Adam Mock!), I am equally enamored with this new and edgy concept--all reflective of the individual stories. 

I'm looking forward to reaching new readers with these e-versions. As such, I'll be sharing a bit more about these 'tales of my heart' in the coming weeks, but for now I just want to celebrate the art. Enjoy!