Thursday, January 20, 2011

Exciting News!

Fighting the flu (that's not the exciting part), but had to prop myself up at the computer in order to share some mega fantastic news.

For those of you following along, I spent the summer and fall writing multiple story proposals. A lot of hard work, but so worth it. A) I exercised my creativity and writing chops big time... B) I kept my name in the game and garnered some fabulous compliments about my style and voice... C) After clicking with one specific editor, I was afforded an opportunity that I jumped at, heart and soul, and it seems like all the stars and planets were shining on me because (and this is the exciting news)...

St Martin's Press offered me a four-book contract for a series called THE CUPCAKE CLUB! (picture me happy dancing) Sexy, romantic comedies that take place in the same small town, each featuring a new hero and heroine and all revolving around The Cupcake Club.  I'm going to be working with the fabulous Monique Patterson who is an enthusiastic ball of energy just like my agent Amy Moore-Benson. Basking in the positive vibes and celebrating what promises to be a FUN series!

More details ahead! Cheers!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Writing Agenda

Two days into 2011 and I'm buzzing along! Of course it helps that I've had the last three days off from the day job. Nine extra hours a day to tackle personal projects. It will be interesting to see how I manage my new agenda when I go back to work on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, I launched a my new non-fiction project on the 31st and so far it's going great! If you're wanting to make positive changes in your life this year or if you just want to read along as I struggle to attain my goals, please join me at THE YEAR OF ME. I'm grateful and encouraged by those who are sharing their struggles and experiences as well. I've been touching on these 'changes' on my Facebook account and have had incredible feedback there. So many people sharing their insight. Now if I could only get those people to comment on my new lifestyle blog! 

In other writing news, I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear back on two different fiction proposals--both contemporary romantic comedies. I try not to think about it and mostly I succeed, especially since I'm tackling other new projects. But sometimes it crosses my mind and I get a jolt of nervous anticipation. Hopefully, I'll hear something soon. Hopefully, I'll have reason to celebrate! I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, I need to finish the synopsis for my YA proposal. Once that's done my agent can send that one out into the world as well. I feel quite passionate about this project and deep down really hope it flies. Let's put it this way, I feel so passionate about the story that I'll make it fly one way or another. Stay tuned. 

So tell me friends, what's on your reading or writing agenda?