Sunshine, Snippet, Freebie & Cupcakes

Happy Sunday, all! I'm enjoying an unseasonably warm day here in Jersey. Sun's beaming and the temp is 62! It's almost December. Amazing. Later today I hope to take Cheyenne and Nia on a long walk. They love it and it does me good to get my butt in gear after a long day at the computer.

"Are you done yet? Can we go?"

I've got a fierce deadline bearing down so I've got my nose to the laptop. Thrilled to report that I'm having a blast writing the launch book of the Glorious Victorious Darcys. Wanna peek? FYI: Tuck's our hero. Scene takes place aboard his airship: The Maverick. Our heroine, Amelia, is piloting the dirigible in crisis. Here's the snippet...

“Came out of nowhere.”  The flaps of Eli’s aviator cap whipped in the frigid wind as he leaned over the gunwale for a better look. “What the devil is that thing?'
Axel whistled around the unlit cigar clamped between his teeth. “Quart bottle of whiskey says they bite the dust.”
Tuck focused his spyglass.  Sure enough what looked like a cross between a motorized tandem bicycle, da Vinci’s glider, and an oversized kite, bucked and reared then took a fateful nosedive.
“Cut the blasterbeefs,” Tuck shouted to StarMan. “Bring to and hoist the bally.”  Trading his Stetson for a fly cap, he turned to Eli. “Grab three packs.”   
The person seated in the rear of the flimsy flying apparatus bailed and soon after a parachute opened and billowed.  That harnessed sail wasn’t the only thing flapping in the wind.  Skirts and petticoats caught the men’s eyes.  “Damn,” Axel said, squinting through his goggles. “That’s a woman.”
“Looks like the pilot’s going down with the ship,” Eli noted as the three men buckled on steam and nitrogen powered Pogo Packs.
“Fighting to regain control,” Tuck said while adjusting his harness and tank.
“Crazy as a loon,” Axel said, tugging on gloves and gripping the hand controls.
Tuck disagreed.  “Ballsy.”

 Have I mentioned that I'm having a blast writing this story. Romance, adventure, gadgets and gizmos. Speaking of gadgets, click the GVD Gadget tab above and check out some of the cyber art that's proving as visual inspiration for this story.

In other news and regarding my other new series: Cupcake Lovers... We have three new members of the Cupcake Lovers Recipe club. Three new and delish recipes that I'll be sharing through this next week. Please check back. Your taste buds will thank you. Meanwhile, welcome to The Cupcake Lovers, Mary Stella, Gina Husta, and Dawn Jones!  

Lastly, MARK YOUR CALENEDERS!!  Starting Thursday, December 1, the first book in my Friends and Lovers Collection--JINXED will be available for FREE on Kindle, Nook and various other ereaders for one week only. What a way to kick of the holidays. Spread the word, spread the joy!

Speaking of holidays... Anyone start decorating yet?

Peace and joy-- Beth


Vivienne Moss said…
Warm and sunny here yesterday. Very wet today. I'm sure it's headed your way so hurry and take those dogs for a walk.

Thanks for the snippet, now I want more!!!

We put up owr tree Thanksgiving night. Was going to decorate outside today but too wet now.

Have a fab day and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts, V.

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