Exciting Times!

UPDATE 11/21: As of last night, got a peek at my new website template. One word. YOWZA!


It's been an interesting, make that, exciting couple of weeks! So much going on. Wow. My head is spinning, but (mostly) in a very good way.
Even though my launch books in the series: The Cupcake Lovers and Victorious Glorious Darcys aren't scheduled for release until the Fall of 2012, mega planning is in the works. Cover Art and official single titles, for one. I'm also updating short bios for both publishers, which goes hand in hand with providing an author headshot. I need updated headshots. Even though I love my present publicity photos they are, um, a few years old. Not that I've aged, well, crap, yes, I have. Although gloriously, of course (I assure myself). So there's that. Must make an appointment with a photographer. But I digress. Stay tuned for an offical announcement regarding the single titles in the GVD series and check back for a peek at some fantastic cover art for the launch books of both series. Thus far it has been an absolute delight working with St. Martins Press and NAL (Penguin). Somehow I landed with two dynamo editors. Counting my lucky stars!

In addition to all that, I've consulted with my web designer, the incredibly talented, Rae Monet, about a whole new look for my website, something that reflects all ofthe sub-genres I write in. She is, at this moment, in creation mode. Stay tuned.

In other news, although I am already active on Facebook, it was suggested to me that I switch over and concentrate my energy on a 'professional' page. I won't bore you with details, but personal profile pages, which is what I've had for the last few years, tap out at 5,000 friends. I'm nearing that point so... since I'm looking toward a bright future, I decided to take the plunge. If I'm going to try to convert my existing friend and readers to this new FB page, I figured I'd better make it enticing in some way. Make it spiffy looking at least. Since I'm a techno-goob and not all that visually artistic, I hired Elle of EJR Digital Art to personalize my 'professional' FB page.

Yeah, boy. Elle is officially my multi-media art designer!

I now have a cool banner across the top of my page, highlighting all the romantic sub-genres I write in (similar to the one she created at the top of this blog!). And, my fave, an uber cool collage for my profile picture that she's also incorporating into an official 'welcome' page. Each of these pictures represents different stories I've written or am in the process of writing. I think I need to make this a poster and hang in my writing room for inspiration!     

Speaking of the FB 'welcome' page, as of last night Elle put the polishing touches on last night and uploaded this morning. Click here for a look see (so cool) and while you're there, please "Like" my page. For everyone who's connected on facebook, I'll be moving all my activity to this official page. As for the page, more perks will be coming. The cover art for GLORIOUS VICTORIOUS DARCYS and the CUPCAKE LOVERS, excerpts and a page listing all my backlist titles.  Like I said, a lot going on!

Also coming, more cupcake recipes! I'll list a yummy delight by honorary Cupcake Lover (and awesome author) Mary Stella, later this week.

And lastly... notice that new tab above--GVD Gadgets? That's where I'll be sharing the steampunk art that's been inspiring The Glorious Victorious Darcys. Fun stuff! Coming soon....

Meanwhile, I'm writing like a madwoman, working hard to complete book 1 (official title...coming soon) of GVD.  Send me energy and positive thoughts. I could use it!

Peace and joy,


Vivienne Moss said…
Looks awesome so far. Elle is doing a fab job! Congrats on the new FB fan page and blog design. Wishing you a happy writing day.

Love you, V.
Zee Monodee said…
WTG you!!! This has really been the year of Beth :) xoxo

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