Evie in the UK!

Nothing like getting a surprise in the mail.  Last week I received a small brown box from Harlequin. inside were three copies of EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE, originally published by the HQN.

Only they looked a little different. Same cover art, still paperback, but the book was taller and leaner. I looked on the spine and also the back and saw that this was a reissue under the MIRA imprint. Still under the Harlequin umbrella, but a different line. Another difference.... this was a current release in the UK!

So exciting! Evie has arrived across the pond! Arch must be so thrilled to be available in his neck of the woods. Me? I'm hoping that this means a second life for Evie and the covert team of Chameleon. I think this calls for a trip to London so I can see Evie in the UK for myself. *g* 


Vivienne Moss said…
Very awesome!! Congrats on the new readership. The Evie books are a wonderful read and the UK will love them!!!!
Beth Ciotta said…
Vivienne and Tori, thank you for the good vibes!

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