Be an Honorary Cupcake Lover!

In celebration of my upcoming series-- The Cupcake Lovers Novels, I'm thrilled to announce a new page on this site--Cupcake Lover's Recipes! See the tab up top and click to view the first in a budding collection of recipes from readers who also happen to bake!

Are you a Cupcake Lover? Do you have a personalized recipe you'd like to share with fellow cupcakians? Contact me at to join the fun and to become an honorary member of The Cupcake Lovers!  In return you'll receive a Cupcake Lovers Collectible--(said collectible presently in the works)

Meanwhile, click over and enjoy the launch recipe submitted by Chris B. from Florida!


Vivienne Moss said…
Love the new addition. I might have to give those Pumpkin Cupcakes a try. They sound yummy!!
Beth Ciotta said…
They do sound yummy, don't they, V? Will have to try. Oh, and hey, if you have your own recipe to share, let me know!
Count me in - email on the way.
Beth Ciotta said…
Fantastic, Tammy. Welcome! Posted your cupcake recopie. Yum!
Olga said…
Baking is not exactly my thing, but I'm looking forward to reading Cupcake Lovers Novels!
Beth Ciotta said…
Baking's not my strong point either, Olga. But I'm having fun with it!

Thank you for the amazing support, as always!
Mary Stella said…
I wonder if I can convert my brownie recipe to cupcakes or come up with something else for your page!
Beth Ciotta said…
Do it, Mary. Do it! Brownie Cupcakes. Yum!

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