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Got Title!

Gotta love it when you're hard at work on a deadline book and you get interrupted with a piece of exciting news! Gives a body (my body specifically) a reason to step away from the computer and dance around!

This evening I received word from my editor at NAL that we have a confirmed title for the launch book in THE GLORIOUS VICTORIOUS DARCY series. Ready?


What do you think? Does that say romantic steampunk to you? The more I look at it, the more I like it. Can't wait to see the cover!

Anyhoo, mark your datebooks. Coming November 2012, a romantic steampunk adventure with gads of derring-do! (Just wanted to use that word. Love that word. Derring-do.)

The Glorious Victorious Darcys


Sunshine, Snippet, Freebie & Cupcakes

Happy Sunday, all! I'm enjoying an unseasonably warm day here in Jersey. Sun's beaming and the temp is 62! It's almost December. Amazing. Later today I hope to take Cheyenne and Nia on a long walk. They love it and it does me good to get my butt in gear after a long day at the computer.

"Are you done yet? Can we go?"
I've got a fierce deadline bearing down so I've got my nose to the laptop. Thrilled to report that I'm having a blast writing the launch book of the Glorious Victorious Darcys. Wanna peek? FYI: Tuck's our hero. Scene takes place aboard his airship: The Maverick. Our heroine, Amelia, is piloting the dirigible in crisis. Here's the snippet...

“Came out of nowhere.” The flaps of Eli’s aviator cap whipped in the frigid wind as he leaned over the gunwale for a better look. “What the devil is that thing?' Axel whistled around the unlit cigar clamped between his teeth. “Quart bottle of whiskey says they bite the dust.” Tuck focused his…

Blessed Thanksgiving

Counting my blessings this Thanksgiving. My good health. My loving husband. My crazy dogs and cat. My generous and kind family. My generous and kind friends. Having a roof over my head. Having the coolest day job at the library. Having the coolest dream gig as a writer. Having the support of so many fun readers.
Thank you for being a part of my wondrous life. Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving!  
Peace and joy, Beth

Exciting Times!

UPDATE 11/21: As of last night, got a peek at my new website template. One word. YOWZA!


It's been an interesting, make that, exciting couple of weeks! So much going on. Wow. My head is spinning, but (mostly) in a very good way.
Even though my launch books in the series: The Cupcake Lovers and Victorious Glorious Darcys aren't scheduled for release until the Fall of 2012, mega planning is in the works. Cover Art and official single titles, for one. I'm also updating short bios for both publishers, which goes hand in hand with providing an author headshot. I need updated headshots. Even though I love my present publicity photos they are, um, a few years old. Not that I've aged, well, crap, yes, I have. Although gloriously, of course (I assure myself). So there's that. Must make an appointment with a photographer. But I digress. Stay tuned for an offical announcement regarding the single titles in the GVD series and check back for a peek at som…

Evie in the UK!

Nothing like getting a surprise in the mail.  Last week I received a small brown box from Harlequin. inside were three copies of EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE, originally published by the HQN.

Only they looked a little different. Same cover art, still paperback, but the book was taller and leaner. I looked on the spine and also the back and saw that this was a reissue under the MIRA imprint. Still under the Harlequin umbrella, but a different line. Another difference.... this was a current release in the UK!

So exciting! Evie has arrived across the pond! Arch must be so thrilled to be available in his neck of the woods. Me? I'm hoping that this means a second life for Evie and the covert team of Chameleon. I think this calls for a trip to London so I can see Evie in the UK for myself. *g*

New Original CL Recipe!

Okay, fellow cupcakians. Hold on to your spatulas! Honorary Cupcake Lover, Beth Bliss, has created an amazing recipe that's going to knock off your baker's hat. She created this delicious, delectable delight with a character concept in mind. One that's so awesome, I'm weaving this recipe and that concept into book 2--THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE  (A Cupcake Lovers Novel). Thank you, Beth B! By the way, folks. I tasted these and thy were to die for! Enjoy!

Follows a visual journey and then the actual recipe. Behold...


submitted by Beth Bliss (New Jersey) These cupcakes cheat in nearly every way:made from a mix, frosted from a can . . .The only thing honest about these cupcakes is the homemade whoopee pie cream hidden inside. Makes 20 nicely-domed standard-size cupcakes – because I cheated and filled them ¾ full instead of 2/3. 1 box “moist” style yellow cake mix (15.25 oz. box) 1/3 c. vegetable oil 1 c. canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie …

Be an Honorary Cupcake Lover!

In celebration of my upcoming series-- The Cupcake Lovers Novels, I'm thrilled to announce a new page on this site--Cupcake Lover's Recipes! See the tab up top and click to view the first in a budding collection of recipes from readers who also happen to bake!

Are you a Cupcake Lover? Do you have a personalized recipe you'd like to share with fellow cupcakians? Contact me at to join the fun and to become an honorary member of The Cupcake Lovers!In return you'll receive a Cupcake Lovers Collectible--(said collectible presently in the works)

Meanwhile, click over and enjoy the launch recipe submitted by Chris B. from Florida!