New Look for E-Readers

Every published author has a unique journey to share.  Universally writers are not offered the same opportunities nor do they make the same choices. There is no right or wrong as long as you stay true to your artistic self and somehow, some way make your stories available to the world.

Although I started my journey alone, I soon teamed up with an amazing writer, Cynthia Valero, who became, and remains, one of my best friends. We co-wrote three paranormal romances under the pen name CB Scott, all three published by ImaJinn Books. It was an exciting time and remains a great source of pride.

A few years later, I had the opportunity to publish my first solo novel--JINXED--with a new independent publishing house--Medallion Press. It was the start of something fabulous, the launch of my career as a solo author, and the basis for several long lasting professional friendships. I wrote six novels for Medallion. Three connected contemporary romances and three connected historical westerns. I love them all! I had a blast writing each and every one and very much appreciated the creative freedom extended to me by Medallion as well as the fabulous covers and marketing efforts.

Why the walk down memory lane, you're wondering. It's because I'm thrilled to announce a new effort on Medallion's part to introduce three of my previous releases--JINXED, CHARMED, and SEDUCED to new readers, specifically e-readers.  Starting November 15. 2011, The Friends and Lovers Collection will be available via Kindle, Nook, and various other e-readers! Not only that, but Jim Tampa and MP's fabulous art team designed new covers! Although I have always been a fan of the original cartoon art (Thank you, Adam Mock!), I am equally enamored with this new and edgy concept--all reflective of the individual stories. 

I'm looking forward to reaching new readers with these e-versions. As such, I'll be sharing a bit more about these 'tales of my heart' in the coming weeks, but for now I just want to celebrate the art. Enjoy!



Hi Beth,

I like you new covers - I liked the old covers too, but it's fun to see a different take.
Ellen Fisher said…
Love the covers! I loved these books, too. I'll probably buy them on Kindle just so I can have the e-editions, even though I do have the paperbacks. My old eyes prefer the bigger font on my Kindle nowadays:-).
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Tammy! Ditto. :) Liked the old ones too, but fun to see a new, edgy take!
Beth Ciotta said…
Ellen, thanks so much for the thumbs up and the huge smile. Thank you, thank you!

As to Kindle and font size, I love that feature. At night when I eyes are especially tired, I just kick up the font!
Vivienne Moss said…
The new covers are awesome. Jinxed is my fave. Heres hoping the sales are huge!!!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, Vivenne! Huge sales would definitely be a bonus and thrill. ;)

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