Cupcake Lovers -- Titles and Dates!

Last week I had one of those weeks.  Not a stretch where everything went wrong, but day after day of  good news. It just kept rolling in! This week will surely be dull in comparison. Instead of pummeling you with a barrage of info, I'll share bits through the week.

First of all, for those who've been wondering when my next book will be out I now have a set date! Actually I now have several dates. And official titles. Focusing today on THE CUPCAKE LOVERS, my upcoming romantic contemporary series for St. Martin's Press. Once the series launches, the books will be coming out six months apart. Grab a datebook and pencil me in, dear readers!

September 2012

March 2013

September 2013

March 2014

I'm absolutely thrilled with these titles. Also thrilled that there'll be some sort of visual logo or icon to tie them all together. In addition, each book will be labeled as A CUPCAKE LOVERS NOVEL so you'll be able to find each book in the series easily. More news on the series coming soon. Meanwhile, let's celebrate with some yummy cupcakes. 


Click here for the recipe--courtesy Anthony Valerio, Cupcake Wars, 2011


Elle J Rossi said…
This is awesome news! How exciting for you and for us readers! We'll soon be able to get a delicious fix of Beth Ciotta!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks for happy dancing with me, Elle. Or are you ugly dancing? Either is fun. ;0
JV said…
I've added all 4 dates to my calendar with reminders! I look forward to your series, and thanks for the recipe. It is the second recipe I've seen calling for cayenne. The first was a cake called "Sassy" from Warren Brown's book Cake Love, only that cake had only a hint of cayenne. This one will probably be too hot to suit me as I don't do hot stuff, but I'm sure it will be interesting.
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks for stopping by JV. This is Janet, right? ;) And thank you for marking the dates! As for that "Sassy" cake... love the name. Did you try it?

I'm not a hot person either but that Red Velvet recipe just caught my eye. Fun and unique. Next time I'll feature something sweet. ;)
Mary Stella said…
Way to go, Beth. So happy for you. Happy for your readers, too, because I've read the first book and it's terrific!
Hi Beth,

Hooray, I will add all these dates to my calendar, because I want to buy all your books. Thanks for the recipe too - we love Cupcake Wars and Red Velvet is my daughter's favorite. She will be 13 in December and I can make these for her birthday.
JV said…
Yes, it's me, and I did try the Sassy cake. In fact, I made one layer of a cake I baked for a friend's retirement party from the recipe.

It's very interesting. At first, you don't notice the pepper at all. Somehow, at the end, you just have a hint that there's pepper in it -- not because it's hot (it isn't) but there's just something, I can explain that gives you that impression.
JV said…
Make that "...something I CAN'T explain..." I think it's more like a slight tingling left in the aftertaste.
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks for the cheer, Mary! Much appreciated!
Beth Ciotta said…
Tammy! Always great to hear from you! Re: this recipe, I haven't tried it, but it just looked so interesting to me. Plus, I, too, love Red Velvet. Just be careful if you don't like 'hot'. As Janet pointed out theire's cayenne in it. :) Happy early bday to your daughter!
Beth Ciotta said…
JV, thanks for the "Sassy" cake update. Sounds like an adventure. :)
Olga said…
Beth, congrats on great titles and release dates. And thank you for sharing the recipe - the cupcake looks delicious!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi, Olga!
Thanks so much for the cheer and shout of support. MUCH apreciated. Hope all is sparkly in you world.
Cynthia Valero said…
Congrats on the awesome titles, B! I can't wait to see TCC in print!!! xo

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