For the Wounded Writer

Home from the RWA Conference and revved to write more than ever. Although the business side of publishing is more daunting than ever these days, creatively I am more inspired than ever. I'll be posting a bit about the conference, sharing some tips, stories, and photos sometime this week. Meanwhile I wanted to share a link to a blog article I read this morning.

As most writers, pubbed and yet-to-be-pubbed, know... the publishing business is extremely difficult just now. It can be especially depressing for published writers who once thrived, or who were building and who now, for various reasons are crashing. It's natural to think that one is alone in their suffering. That it's somehow our fault. Or maybe it's not our fault but the universe has conspired against us for whatever reason. One thing I learned at the conference is that I am not the only one who's suffered from disappointments in my career. I AM NOT ALONE. It's important that every writer understands that. Essential for the creative ego.  Quoting from the blog article I read this morning...

"It’s not you. You’re fine. Your writing is as good as ever. The business is changing and you’re caught in the crossfire. It’s not personal, even though it feels personal. You are caught in the middle of a nightmare. The rules are changing, and no one knows where any of this is headed. Talk to other writers. You’ll see. It’s happening to all of us."

Now go and read this fabulous piece by Kristine Kathryn Rusch . . . The Business Rusch: You Are Not Alone  ... and breathe.


Olga said…
Great quote. Beth, you're a wonderful writer. Hang in there.
Nicole Foster said…
What great words of encouragement! the pub biz is changing so fast, it's as exciting as it is daunting.

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