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It's mid-June. Mid-June! How did that happen? Watch, I'll go to write a post tomorrow, or what seems like tomorrow and it will be OCTOBER!  Remember when you were a kid and it seemed like the days slogged by. You felt like you were in school forever. Felt like you were thirteen. For. Ever. When would sixteen roll around? Better yet, eighteen? Now I blink and it's three months later. Now I think abut upcoming birthdays and wonder how to put on the brakes.

Forgive the ramble.

So here it is mid-June. The biggest news in my life is that as of this past Monday, after five years of working full time at my local library in addition to writing two books a year, I have gone part-time! Wahoo! More time to write. More time to live. Why not quit the library period, you ask? A couple of reasons. A) I still need the additional income. B) I wanted to keep my foot in the door should I ever need to go back full time. C) As you can imagine, working in a library is just about the coolest job ever (aside from writing books) so I was loathe to sever my ties completely. Working there a couple of days a week will keep me in touch with the latest books and local readers and give me a reason to get out of my house and keep my brain energized and fresh.

So here I am one week into my new part time position and loving it. Nose to the grind stone, I've averaged ten pages a day. I've made incredible progress on my WIP. Encouraging since a deadline looms on this one and I must also start a new project that's due in November. You know how that goes. Two blinks and it will be October.

Let's see, what else is new? Ah. At the end of this month, which is just a week away, I'll be attending the RWA National Conference in NYC. In addition to attending several business and craft workshops, I'll be meeting with my agent and editors, networking with other pub people at social affairs, and signing a huge book fair. The 'Readers For Life' Literacy Autographing takes place on Tuesday, June 28 from 5:30pm-7:30 at the Marriott Marquis. Over 400 romance authors (click above link to see list of authors) will be signing their latest novels. If you plan to attend, please stop by and say hello!

Speaking of latest novels, or novels period, for those who have emailed asking when my next book is coming out . . . I don't have specific release dates yet, but we're probably looking at late 2012. The good news is I'm contracted for two new series, six books total, so once they start coming there will be many. Please hang in there with me!

Coming soon, photos and profiles of the characters I'm writing about in THE CUPCAKE CLUB. Check back here in a few days and click on the CUPCAKE tab. Hopefully I'll have the content up. Something to--ahem-- whet your appetite. Also coming soon a new post for the GVD Steam Blog. Stay tuned.

Until then.... I've got a lot of writing to tackle, so off I go. Oh, one last thing if you like movies featuring a hot attraction, believable characters, and an imaginative, well written story, you have got to see THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU. Hands down, the best 'romance' I've seen in quite some time. Have you seen it? Thoughts? Any more romantic movie recs? 


Morwyn said…
What wonderful news!!! So happy for you. Of course that means that you will have more time to write and we might get to read them sooner. Can't wait.
Morwyn said…
Oh, I forgot. I watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 the other night. Does that count as a romantic movie?
Brooks Conner said…
About that movie clip: Is that really a good way to start a new romance? ...knee in the groin! Really?
Beth Ciotta said…
Morwyn, thanks for happy dancing with me. This in indeed an exciting transition i my life. Wish me luck!

As for Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2... Was there some mooney-eyed puppy love going on? If so, yes! :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Brooks, does she knee him in the groin? I thoughtshe 'play' punched him in the stomach. Need to review the clip!

This is one of three 'light' scenes in the movie and I confess not wholly representational of what I found 'romantic'. Overall the movie is pretty emotional and intense, involving 'fate' and 'free will' with a unique twist on angels. The romantic element was in how firecely the couple loved and what they were willing to do to be together. I actually think you'd like it. :)
Elle J Rossi said…
The wind is a blowin', Beth, and things are definitely getting rustling over there in your neck of the woods. Big change. Exciting change! I'm looking forward to both new storylines.

Just remember to take the time to smell the roses along the way. Literally!
I liked Adjustment Bureau.
Jeff Rivera said…
Hey Beth! I am really happy for you, I wish i could also go part time like you.. Anyways, what i really appreciate is that you haven't left the job completely, you are right when you say 'I wanted to keep my foot in the door should I ever need to go back full time' once you are done with your two books quota, you can get back full time!
Beth Ciotta said…
Sorry for the late reply, Elle, but thank youfor those good wishes! Smelling the roses... on the agenda!
Beth Ciotta said…
Horror & Suspense... I like TAB very much. An intersting take on Angels and fate. Pretty sure I'll be buying this one. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Jeff, thanks so much for the support and well wishes. PT was a long time in coming. So blessedto give it a shot for awhile. Hoping you get the opportunity soon as well! Hang in their and throws scads of good vibes into the universe!

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