NYC ad RWA... Here I Come!

The bad news is: I got absolutely NO writing done the past two days.

The good news is: I cleaned the house, created a few promo postcards and business cards, decided on and printed out my conference agenda, bought a couple of special gifts, organized and packed all my promo and clothes (mostly). Just a couple of things to tie up and I am ready for the RWA National Conference! I leave tomorrow morning. Hello, NYC. Here I come!  For more specifics on the conference and mega-honkin'-big book fair, see my previous post.

I'll try to post some pics and news from RWA, but things get darn hectic. Be sure to check my Facebook page. I can upload pics from my phone straight there!

Before I go, I want to share the two 'mock' covers made for me by my sister, Barb, aka Elle J Rossi. She's not only a fabulous writer, but quite the graphic artist.

These are the images I used to make up my 'coming soon' postcards.

For my new Steampunk Romance series from NAL: The Glorious Victorious Darcys

   For my new contemporary romance series from St. Martin's Press: The Cupcake Club

It'll be quite sometime before the publishers' art departments create my actuall covers. (Can't wait!) But until then, these inspire me and help me to speread the word.... Coming Soon!

Thanks, Elle.

More from New York City.....

Cheers, Beth 


Anonymous said…
Great mockups!
Have fun at RWA, Beth.
Jeff Rivera said…
The Amelia image was just stunning, did you customize that too?
Elle J Rossi said…
I'm late for the party, so to speak! But woo-hoo on the mock covers. It's so fun and I give credit to Berinn for sending me my first one and inspiring me to make some of my own.

Have fun at the conference!
Laurence Brown said…
You are right Beth. You do need a little bit of break to get rejuvenated and start fresh. I'm sure RWA would have certainly help you in that
Beth Ciotta said…
Sorry for the late reply. Just back from RWA. I DID have a great and fun time, Berinn. Thank you. Oh, and thanks for turning, Elle on to creating mock covers!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi, Jeff. So glad you liked the Amelia mock cover. I found and purchased the image at a stock photo site then turned it over to my sister. She worked her magic with a graphic art program.
Beth Ciotta said…
Had a great time at the conference, Elle. Home now. Burnt, but inspired!
Beth Ciotta said…
Laurence, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I did indeed revitalize my creative and business spirit at RWA. Wonderful to be surrounded by so many writers. The workshops were fabulous. Inspiring and educational.

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