News Flash!

Just learned from one of my publishers that the price of two of my earlier novels (written with Cynthia Valero under the penname CB Scott) have been lowered to a more competitive price on Amazon. Just 2.99 Kindle lovers!  Woot! 

One of the books is KINDRED SPIRITS--the ghost romance sequel to SCANDALOUS SPIRITS. The other is KNIGHT OF MY DREAMS--a reincarnation romance that bounces between contemporary and medieval times. An emotional read infused with a bit of humor and a lot of mystery.

Click on the links and read the blurbs, see if either or both spark your interest. Great, affordable, romantic reads!     

That concludes the promotional portion of this post. *g*

Tomorrow night I'm attending a craft class at the library. We're making cupcake holders and decorating a cupcake. I'll try not to embarrass myself. Photos to come! 


Mary Stella said…
Good move by Imajinn!

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