Make a Difference!


I have a lot on my mind and several things I'd like to blog about, but I've earmarked today to spread some special news. Every year NYT Bestselling author Brenda Novak hosts an amazing and wondrous on-line auction in order to benefit diabetes research. Rather than me blathering here, it's best if you hop over directly to the auction. You'll be stunned by all the fantastic donations by authors of my genres, editors, agents, readers, and more. STUNNED!

Please check my upper right sidebar for the direct links to some items donated by me and also by me and my friend Olga. However, once there, be sure to browse all the categories and bid, bid, bid! Not only do you stand a chance of winning a fantastically wonderful item or service, but you're also helping a wonderful cause. Oh, and please do help to spread the word. Every dollar makes a difference.

Blessing to all!    


Berinn Rae said…
Thanks for the generous donations, Beth. You're an inspiration!
Olga said…
Thank you for donations, Beth, and for spreading the word!

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