Flex Those Muscles, Hone That Craft!

Today I stumbled across two posts of major interest to me as a writer. So much so that I want to share the links with you. For writers and for those simply interested in the writing process, here goes!

The first post addresses a question I've asked myself a few times over the last year or so.  "Do you really need an author blog if you're on Facebook or Twitter?" I'm active on both of these social networks, though I confess I favor Facebook. In fact I post and interact there quite a bit. It's also where I keep up with friends, family, and fave authors. I see far more action on my FB page then on this blog, so I have wondered... are blogs passe? Reading Judy Dunn's post regarding this matter, I now have a whole new perspective. I highly recommend this read, fellow writers. You'll find this educational post at Writer Unboxed.               

The next post was actually an article. One of several amazing and informative articles on Michael Hauge's  newly renovated website--Story Mastery. For those who don't know, Michael Hauge is is a story and script consultant, author and lecturer who works with writers and filmmakers on their screenplays, novels, movies and television projects. His resume/bio is incredibly impressive and I had the pleasure of attending one of his two-hour workshops last month at at the RT Conference in LA. I was thrilled to see he'll be lecturing at RWA in NYC as well. I plan on attending both lectures. Educational and inspiring to say the very least.  He now has a new website that features several helpful elements, including extensive 'how-to' articles. Not to be missed.! I'll link specifically to an article pertaining to the workshop I attended--Screenplay structure and how you can appy it to writing novels. Click here to read and learn, but be sure to skim the other articles as well. 

Just one of the many exciting things about being a writer is stretching your wings, moving outside your comfort zone, challenging yourself, and forever honing your craft. Enjoy the links!    


Elle J Rossi said…
I especially found the blog info helpful. It really makes sense when broken down like that. Thanks for sharing.
Morwyn said…
Hi Beth

I enjoyed the post on blogs. Good things to know. I found the blog site to be intriguing. I'll have to read more.
Conor said…
I often find myself wondering what extent of web presence is actually worth it and what really flirts with being irrelevant. I think blogs can be a nice release for writers though, even if people don't flock to them.
Beth Ciotta said…
Elle, I felt the same. I appreciated the way Dunn broke things down. Very helpful. As for Hauge's articles, I look forward to reading them in depth. I skimmed and there are some GREAT observations and advice.
Beth Ciotta said…
Morwyn, so glad you enjoyed the posts!
Beth Ciotta said…
Conor, I know exactly what you mean. Ditto. Ditto.
as a writer I am also curious why iit is important to maintain an author blog, but using social media has provide me wider audience, readers, followers and critics, through an author blog I can justify everything, my insights, ideas, reviews and a lot more that social networks can't
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