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Exciting News!

I signed on planning to share one of my RT Conference adventures with you, but that will have to wait because I just learned some exciting news that I must share. As of today, two out of the three paranormal romances that I wrote with Cyndi Valero under the penname CB Scott are now avail on KINDLE! I'm thrilled to know that these stories that I love so much may now find their way into new homes and hearts. Just now I'm highlighting the first of two connected books--SCANDALOUS SPIRITS

A bit of trivia: Cyndi and I had a blast writing this story. Although set in contemporary times, the three featured ghosts (two brothers and a sister) are from the 1920s. Researching that period and utilizing the lingo, history, and styles was a hoot. In addition the story is based in Atlantic City (our backyard) and revolves around a real haunted mansion, originally built in the 1920s. Unfortunately that mansion has since been torn down, but Cyndi and I got pictures of the Spanish style mansion …