While They Were Sleeping

It's a lazy Sunday at the Ciotta house.

Nia holed up in her crate with her stuffed bear and fluffy blankets.

Cheyenne zonked out on her 'sofa' bed.

Sadie curled up on a chair with Mr. Moose.

Everyone's napping. Except for me.  True, it is mid-afternoon and I'm still in my PJs. And I am relaxing on the sofa with my feet propped up. (No, picture. Sorry.)  But I'm fully awake and engaged in the first book of my new series THE CUPCAKE CLUB.  While the furkids are sleeping, I'm writing away and having a grand time! My characters keep surprising me left and right. Most recently, there was an arrest and a 'frisking' incident that's leading up to an ass-kicking... at some point. Also Dev and Chloe (the hero and heroine) just agreed on a tactic to snuff the burning attraction between them. Which of course won't work, but it will be fun watching them try . . . and fail. Heh.

I best get back to it but before I go, here's something to put some zing in my, I mean, your day. In a previous scene that took me by surprise, Dev ended up in the river, fully clothed (for reasons you'll have to wait and read in the book), but (also for reasons you'll have to wait and read) ended up losing his shirt. Googling for visual inspiration was in order. :)


Roni said…
Go Beth! Can't wait til the new books come out.
Elle J Rossi said…
Inspiration indeed!
Olga said…
Beth, the pets are adorable. As for the last picture, that must have been a very good inspiration!

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