Where's Beth Now?

I'm not as famous a Waldo, but I do feel the need to have a poster featuring 'me' lost amidst a zillion pictures resembling my chaotic life. My sister, Elle, creates some pretty awesome mock covers. When she's tackled her Nano (National Novel Writing Month) goal, maybe I'll ask her to make me one. Until then, imagine me in Waldo's place.

I haven't posted here for an embarrassingly long time. Apologies to all who check in. Without dwelling in details, I suffered the loss of my brother, Bobby, last month. He battled cancer for over a year. Battled valiantly and lost. As you can imagine this was, and remains, crushing. I did manage to stay in touch with friends on Facebook throughout most of these past months and I thank all those who reached out with emails and cards. On my long list of things to 'catch up on' it's some more personal thank yous. Bear with me.

On to something happier, last I also celebrated a big birthday. Steve had planed a very special birthday holiday for me and, wanting to create some happy memories, we followed through with the trip. I'm so glad. It was a healing, inspiring and romantic time. Four days in Edinburgh, Scotland, three in London, England. Posted lots of pics on my FB account. Will try to create a slide show for this blog, but until then here's a couple of fave pics. Edinburgh Castle--after dark!

Since returning, I've been crazy busy at the library, plus catching up on bazillion 'life' things that have fallen through the cracks. I've also been hard at work on two new book proposals. Did I mention I'm inspired? One proposal is geared toward those who love my quirky romantic comedies. Lots of potential sexy fun here. The other explores my fascination with ghosts and otherwordly creatures, Edinburgh, Scotland . . . and young love. Remember when I mentioned above that my sister creates mock covers for fun? She created this one for me for inspiration. 

 Oh... Bailey Caine is the name I've chosen to write under to set apart my slightly darker YAs from my adult rom-coms. This is a new direction and exciting direction for me and I have no sales or releases to announce.... yet. I've only just begun. However, I feel so strongly about this new avenue that I've decided to share my new passion with the universe. See it, believe it, be it!

Meanwhile, I recently learned about this new review at Coffee Time Romance for INTO THE WILD. " ... an adventurous read with humor, passion, romance, and a hunky adventurer..."  Read more here.  I also wrote a blog feature for RT BOOKreviews on unique heroines. Click here to read From Quirky to Kick-butt

More news regarding my books and future projects coming soon. I'll try to post more frequently here, but I also encourage you to join me on Facebook where I interact almost daily. It's a fabulous way to keep up with friends, family, and reading buds. Otherwise, my heads down--imagination soaring, fingers flying!


Elle J Rossi said…
Yay! You're back and I love what you're up to. May I just say that mock cover is stunning??? Oh wait, I made it! Ha. Well it's so nice to have Beth and Bailey right in the thick of things!
Berinn said…
Glad to see you back Beth - er, I mean Bailey. Love the mock cover!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hey Elle! Yes, I'm back. Will try to STAY! As for the mock cover... as you know, I love it, you super-genius, you.
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi, Berinn! Thanks for hanging in. I'll try not to be a stranger in my own house. :)


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