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Over the River and Through the Woods

Or more accurately.... Up the parkway and over the bridge. 

Because of our jobs, my husband and I or at least one of us has always had to work on Thanksgiving. That's not to say that we don't fix a Thanksgiving meal, but it's always just the two of us. This year we're both off for not only Thanksgiving, but the day after! Hence we're treating ourselves and driving up to my in-laws. This involves driving through parts of NYC. The traffic will no doubt be horrendous, but it will be worth it.

This past year, I've truly learned how very short life is and how we must make special effort to spend time with those we love. I wish I had even more time off so I could whisk to Indiana to see my mom and sisters. Maybe next year. This year, I'm fortunate enough to spend a bit of time with my Mom and Dad C and my brother and sister in-law. And Steve. Oh, and Cheyenne and Nia! The doggies are coming with us, too. A full house, great food, and a fun time. Yay!

This Thanks…

New Look, New Formats, Old Favorites!

Here's some exciting news from Medallion Press! The Friends and Lovers trilogy that I love so much will be available for the first time in Kindle, Nook, and other e-formats in 2011. PLUS they'll have new covers! I can't wait to see what the awesome MP art department comes up with.

Here's the official announcement...

"In an effort to bring our readers new experiences and ways to enjoy their favorite Medallion books, we will be giving a few of our past releases a face-lift and rereleasing them next year.

Readers can look for a repackaging of Beth Ciotta’s award-winning Friends and Lovers trilogy available only in e-book format. These rereleases will feature new covers to enhance Ciotta’s already hilarious stories of romance and adventure. Look for Jinxed, Charmed, and Seduced to be available in late 2011. Be sure to get your copy of the original book before they are all gone!"

I'm hoping the new look and e-formats will hook and thrill readers... old and ne…

My Trip to Scotland - Part 1

Don't worry. I'm not going to give you a play by play of my October birthday trip to Scotland, but I am going to share some pics over the next few days via a fun slide show. First up: Edinburgh Castle.... silent movie style!

Where's Beth Now?

I'm not as famous a Waldo, but I do feel the need to have a poster featuring 'me' lost amidst a zillion pictures resembling my chaotic life. My sister, Elle, creates some pretty awesome mock covers. When she's tackled her Nano (National Novel Writing Month) goal, maybe I'll ask her to make me one. Until then, imagine me in Waldo's place.

I haven't posted here for an embarrassingly long time. Apologies to all who check in. Without dwelling in details, I suffered the loss of my brother, Bobby, last month. He battled cancer for over a year. Battled valiantly and lost. As you can imagine this was, and remains, crushing. I did manage to stay in touch with friends on Facebook throughout most of these past months and I thank all those who reached out with emails and cards. On my long list of things to 'catch up on' it's some more personal thank yous. Bear with me.

On to something happier, last I also celebrated a big birthday. Steve had planed a very s…