Swingin' on a Vine!

Even though my latest novel got a bit of a jump start via Amazon and a few book stores, TODAY is the OFFICIAL release day for INTO THE WILD!
Excuse me while I happy dance!

I'm super excited about this book. Can you tell? One of my fave quotes thus far . . .

"If you have a thing for Indiana Jones, and who doesn’t, then give this book a try." -- Jamie, The Season for Romance

You should be able to find copies of INTO THE WILD in your favorite book store. You can definitely order on-line from any of your favorite book sites. If you're a Kindle lover, click here!   Prefer to listen to your tales? The audio version is coming soon. Stay tuned!

For an excerpt, click here.  I'll share more reviews as they roll in.  In the meantime, please join me today over at Loud Whispers for an Interview and another giveaway. Who better to help me celebrate release day than my fabulously talented (and beautiful) sister, Elle J. Rossi!

I'll leave you with just one of my favorite passages....

    He studied her with an intensity that liquefied her bones. “When you’re in your hotel room, thinking about whether or not to track your dad, think on this.”

   His gaze moved to her mouth and her heart stilled. She dreaded a kiss, ached for a kiss. But he shifted and spoke close to her ear. “There is no vaccination for gold fever. And take it from one who knows, Angel. It’s deadly.”


Berinn said…
I'm eagerly awaiting my copy to come in the mail. Congratulations on release day!!!
Now go out and celebrate. I highly recommend chocolate and wine. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Berinn, thanks so much for ordering INTO THE WILD! I do hope you enjoy the adventure. Be sure to let me know! Oh... and I like your idea of celebrating. :)
Cynthia Valero said…
Congratulations, Beth! I know you loved writing this story. I loved the excerpt! I can't wait to read it! Woo hoo!
Beth Ciotta said…
Aww! Cyndi!!!! So happy to see you here. Love and miss you, my uber talented friend. :)
SAGHIR said…
im so excited to read this!! i got it in the mail. thanks eHQN!
for my first GIVEAWAY ^
Olga said…
Sorry I missed the release day, Beth! I read the book though, and it was amazing!

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