Procrastination Payoff

I'm one scene away from finishing a new proposal. A proposal I love. I woke up and headed straight for my computer. This particular scene needs to be sexy. Sexy before 8am? Uh, no. Couldn't do it. So I spent the last hour procrastinating. Coffee. Breakfast. Socializing via the Net. Checking my Amazon ratings and googling for reviews. You know. Normal writer obsessions.

While procrastinating I came across this! A friend/reader, Sherry Tew, posted this on Facebook. Have to share. Love the pic--Into the Wild faceout at a Borders in Florida--and Sherry's response to someone who asked about my books. 

"Her books are wonderful and fun and exciting to read if you are a fan of romance/adventure novels. Her characters are well defined, multi-dimensional, human and easy to become entralled with."
Wow. Thanks, Sherry!

Now I don't feel to guilty about procratinating. The payoff was inspiration. Sexy scene, here I come! 


Elle J Rossi said…
What a fantastic picture!
wedding jewelry said…
Wow, it's a really sensuous cover picture. As if it guides you through the feelings the book has to express.
Olga said…
Fantastic book, and the response is well-deserved. I've read INTO THE WILD in one day, and absolutely loved the book!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks for the nice thoughts, everyone. I love the cover and, Olga, so glad you loved the story!

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