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My One and Only Love

Today's my wedding anniversary! Steve and I have been together many wonderful years and as the card he gave me today says... The adventure continues!

Here's to love and laughter and neverending wonders of true love.

Tech Fun

Working up a fun blog post, meanwhile... my husband and I got new phones for the first time in four years. We took the plunge, investing in new Android phones. I'm technically challenged but couldn't resist facing my fears and getting a super cool advanced phone. The same one as Steve. Buy one get one free special. Why not take advantage?

Anyhoo, this phone does everything! I'm afraid if I said, "Beam me up"... it would! I could go on and on but I need to work on a book proposal. I'll rave another time. For now, I have something to share. Steve is obssessed with adding 'apps' to his phone. One was a camera feature. I have to admit, it's pretty cool. Check me out. I've been Andy Warhol-lized.

I feel so 60s cool. *g*

Procrastination Payoff

I'm one scene away from finishing a new proposal. A proposal I love. I woke up and headed straight for my computer. This particular scene needs to be sexy. Sexy before 8am? Uh, no. Couldn't do it. So I spent the last hour procrastinating. Coffee. Breakfast. Socializing via the Net. Checking my Amazon ratings and googling for reviews. You know. Normal writer obsessions.

While procrastinating I came across this! A friend/reader, Sherry Tew, posted this on Facebook. Have to share. Love the pic--Into the Wild faceout at a Borders in Florida--and Sherry's response to someone who asked about my books. 

"Her books are wonderful and fun and exciting to read if you are a fan of romance/adventure novels. Her characters are well defined, multi-dimensional, human and easy to become entralled with."
Wow. Thanks, Sherry!

Now I don't feel to guilty about procratinating. The payoff was inspiration. Sexy scene, here I come!

Swingin' on a Vine!

Even though my latest novel got a bit of a jump start via Amazon and a few book stores, TODAY is the OFFICIAL release day for INTO THE WILD! Excuse me while I happy dance!

I'm super excited about this book. Can you tell? One of my fave quotes thus far . . .

"If you have a thing for Indiana Jones, and who doesn’t, then give this book a try." -- Jamie,The Season for Romance

You should be able to find copies of INTO THE WILD in your favorite book store. You can definitely order on-line from any of your favorite book sites. If you're a Kindle lover, click here!   Prefer to listen to your tales? The audio version is coming soon. Stay tuned!

For an excerpt, click here.  I'll share more reviews as they roll in.  In the meantime, please join me today over at Loud Whispers for an Interview and another giveaway. Who better to help me celebrate release day than my fabulously talented (and beautiful) sister, Elle J. Rossi!

I'll leave you with just one of my favorite passag…