Pre-release Giveaway #2

Okay. It's not truly a 'pre-release' giveaway anymore because, even though the official release date for INTO THE WILD is September 1, friends have alerted me that it's available for shipping now on and it's also on the shelves in Borders. My sister, Barb, plucked a copy from the shelf and snapped this shot. Love it. Maybe she'll be my personal spokesperson/model? *g*

Anyway, if you want to purchase your own copy (or a gift for a friend), the book's out there. Any more sightings? Please let me know. So exciting!

Meanwhile my pre-celebration continues. Giveaway #2 takes place today on Facebook. Visit my profile page for a chance to win a signed copy of INTO THE WILD !   

In other news, I have this guilty fascination with the celebrity website OMG even though half the time I don't know who the featured celebs are! How about you? Any guilty web pleasures?


Elle J Rossi said…
Okay, if I'm going to be your spokesmodel, can I please have someone follow me around and powder my nose and forehead? I mean come on! My daughter should have told me I needed to fix that!!!

This weekend I'll check out the other book stores in the area.

Guilty (love to see the runway fashions) and too expensive coffee!
Sisters-in-Sync said…
I think you look beauteous, Elle! Must enlist you for a book-o-mercial using my Flip Vid. :)

I've peekd at a time or two. And you know how I feel about java!

:) Beth

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