Attention Writers!

As a writer, I've never been one for outlining my stories in depth. Nor have I ever been big on character charts or character interviews. Or extensive time lines or lists or charts of any kind. Not in preparation. Not in depth. Instead of spending precious time digging deep and documenting details before I start writing a story, I prefer to brainstorm a brief synopsis, dive in, and learn as I go. It's exciting and inspiring.

At least in the beginning.

More often than not, I hit a wall and have to go back. Dig deep. Document details. Nothing too elaborate. Definitely not all that organized. Probably not the most time and energy efficient.

A few months ago my good friend and writing bud, Cynthia Valero, suggested I check out a writing program. She's writing a fantasy novel. Massive world building. Complicated characters. Tricky plotting. I'd yet to use the program to its fullest potential but found it invaluable for basics. For putting things in order and keeping them straight.

As a lover of all things shiny and new and related to writing and in dire need of organizing my thoughts and writing more efficiently, naturally, I bought the program.

That was several months ago. It wasn't until today that I actually committed to using it. My current project involves world building. The scope is quite large. Up until now I've been freewriting and jotting notes longhand. All great. But if my future plays out like I hope . . . I need to be more organized. More efficient. I need to dig deeper and to document the bazillion ideas crowding my mind. So tonight I opened the program and started using it in earnest.

Holy cow.

Why did I wait so long to take advantage? This program is effective and smart.... for ANY story. If you're a writer you must check this out. You can download a demo for free. Do it. Explore. I can almost bet you'll love it and purchase it. Bonus. It's extremely affordable. I will say no more. I'll just point you to the website.

Click here to explore Write It Now.

Let me know what you think. 


I think organizing your thoughts sounds great! It seems like you have the opposite of writer's block. I find when I write I need to break everything into pieces... Let them roll around in my head and along the keys one at a time.

And congratulations on being published! I'm glad you have a writing friend/workshop. Thanks for sharing your writing process here.
Beth Ciotta said…

I have to say I'm definitely not suffering writer's block! :) However I have so many idea churning in my head, I find myself easily distracted. Uusually I embrace 'flying into the mist' but with this particular story I really need to know at least a few things coming down the line... in addition to a lot of backstory. So... this software program is proving a blessing.

Thanks so much for stopping by and all best with your writing endeavors!!
Olga said…
Sounds like this writing program was exactly what you needed, Beth! Best of luck in your new project!
Corinne Davies said…
Wow, very cool! Thanks for the tip. I have a plethora of little pieces of paper, napkins, carboard with note written down on them. Not exactly the best way to recall information when needed. I'm in desperate need of some organization, LOL

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