A Beautiful Sign

Yesterday we had a tornado warning. Odd for New Jersey. Instead we got a rainbow and a magnificent sky. It was really quite amazing. By the time I ran in and got my Flip, the rainbow had faded a bit and the sky muted to a dismal grey. But then I turned around and--Wow! In the opposite direction, another awesome vision. Click my Flip Vid to view 58 seconds of natural beauty.

I have to say, I was mesmerized. It was the first full arc rainbow I've seen since I was a kid. It arced from one end of the sky to the other. Then to turn and see the clouds on fire . . . How glorious!  Somehow I took the magical event as a sign of wondrous things to come. 

Along those lines, I've had an amazingly productive weekend. Not only did I tackle several domestic chores, but I wrote like a madwoman. I am so very pleased with the progress I made on my new story. I'm no longer fretting about being in between contracts. I'm writing with the same conviction and intensity as I did in the past. I'm loving the challenge and the excitement of my 'new world'. And ... I have high hopes. Rainbows promise a new beginning, right? As I stared at that wondrous sight, I couldn't help thinking . . . It's a sign.          


Barb said…
Loved the video and your positive thoughts and vibe!

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