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A Moment of Silence, A Day of Gratitude

To all who have served and to all who serve now . . . Thank you.

My NYC and BEA Adventure

For those of you who didn't see my post over at Sisters in Sync today, I'm posting it here, too! Here goes....

This past week was a whirlind spinning around Book Expo America in NYC. BEA is a humongous trade show featuring publishers big and small of every genre imaginable. It is immense and overwhelming. Mostly the trade show is attended by librarians and booksellers. Publishers give away a lot of books in hopes of generating interest. Numerous big name authors were aplenty, each signing their latest... if you didn't mind standing in super long lines for a super long time. In years past I've done just that, but this year I wanted to roam and take everything in.

My primary reason for attending BEA was to sign and give away copies of OUT OF EDEN. I was lucky enough to have two scheduled signings. On Wednesday I signed in the RWA booth--48 books in 30 minutes. Woo-hoo! I met some incredible librarians and booksellers who had some very nice things to say about my books. It …

BookExpo America

I spent last night packing for an upcoming trip to New York City. Part business/Part pleasure. The business side involves attending BookExpo America, also known as BEA. It's a huge tradeshow for publishers. Huge! I've attended a few times and I am always overwhelmed. In addition to signing copies of OUT OF EDEN and chatting with booksellers and librarians, I'll also have the opportunity to float around and to collect books from a few of my favorite authors.  

While scanning the autographing list, I came across one name that surprised me. Rick Springfield. Yup. The pop rock star. It says he's signing a special CD. I don't care what it is. I just want to see him in person! I'll try not to squeal like a starry-eyed teeny bopper.

I'll also have the opportunity to visit with my agent. I alway enjoy a face-to-face with Amy. She's a hoot and she always energizes me!

On the pleasure side... my husband is coming with me. We haven't been away together in quite s…