Vote for Love and Laughter!

Still uber-excited about the official release of OUT OF EDEN! Yesterday, I woke to an awesome review at Long and Short Reviews. I'm still happy dancing! Here's a snippet!

"Shake it up, turn it upside down, and make a bold statement. Sounds like some motivational speaker jargon, doesn’t it? It also summarizes Out of Eden pretty well, too.

Ms. Ciotta’s sleepy little town of Eden comes to life in this fun story. The characters draw you in and hold you to your seat until past the last page. The quirky twists and turns will keep you entranced and on the edge to see what will happen next. And when the loving starts? Whew! It’s hot stuff

You can read the entire review here. As a bonus, this morning I received this email from Long and Short Reviews...

"Your story "Out of Eden" was reviewed by us this week and is up for Book of the Week honor this weekend (voting runs from Saturday, 4/3, through Sunday, 4/4)."

So... if you have time and like the review, please click here and vote for OUT OF EDEN.

Thank you and Happy Holiday Weekend!


Alyson Reuben said…
You're awesome, Beth! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail from Harlequin.
Olga said…
Great review, Beth! And very well-deserved.

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