Why I'm in a cranky mood.... My laptop got slammed by a horrible virus. Vicious! Haven't had access to my files in 4 days and it looks as though I'm going to lose most everything on my hard drive. I'll lose a lot of data pertaining to my professional life and many personal photos. Shame on the evil computer geek who created this malicious virus. Shame on me for not having everything backed up.

Why I'm glad I didn't pursue my dream to be a Hollywood actress... An insider's look at actors and auditions by the ever brilliant Emmy award winning writer, Ken Levine. Click here for a dose of show biz reality.

Why I'm excited.... After month's of researching e-readers, I finally decided on the Kindle. It'll be here any day!

Why I'm nervous.... Reviews for OUT OF EDEN, my April release from HQN, should start rolling in a few weeks.

Why I'm jazzed . . . I have not one, but four different story ideas for the immediate future. If I'm lucky, I'll get to pursue them all... at some point. Better to have too many ideas than none at all!

So... how are you feeling... and why?


Barb said…

It seems that even the things I enjoy doing have turned into a job. if I don't show up there are many repercussions.

At least I have my health and many people I love dearly surrounding me.
Beth Ciotta said…
Barb... I'd say you're overwhelmed. I know that feeling. Try eliminating even one thing from your 'workload'. It might help.

Yay on good helth and good people! I second that!
Olga said…
Beth, huge hugs about the virus, and yay on four ideas! As for reviews for OUT OF EDEN, I'm sure they'll be wonderful!

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