Smelling the Roses

I'm not one to brag. Really, I'm not. But I can't help but ... beam... regarding the reviews rolling in for my April 1 release OUT OF EDEN. Even the two mixed reviews I've stumbled upon are good reviews in their own way.

Shhh. Don't tell anyone, but I had serious doubts that anyone aside from me was going to like this book. A book that tormented me in various stages. Seriously. I've been shaking in my boots. It's not just a matter of vanity--I swear!--it's a matter of pride. My goal is to entertain and provide escapism. If I accomplish that, even if only a little, I have succeeded!

Indulge me. Happy dance with me. Reviews on OUT OF EDEN thus far...

"When Ciotta throws these two well-drawn characters together, sparks fly. A widower with a secret past who helps Kylie change the store into an upscale “shoppe,” a Philadelphia mob boss who needs to right an old score, and the escapades of Jack's cheating brother-in-law turn this campy romance into a well-plotted raunchy adventure." -- Publishers Weekly

"With engaging characters who are easy to like, humor, a touch of mystery and emotionally charged scenes that ring true to life, Ciotta creates a fascinating town that readers will look forward to visiting again." 4 stars! -- HOT, Romantic Times Book reviews

"A cast of colorful characters surrounds lovely and sassy Kylie McGraw in Out of Eden. By his own admission, Jack likes to play the white knight, riding in and rescuing the damsel in distress. Kylie is capable and strong, but she needs a little saving too. Instead of the boy who cries wolf, Kylie is the girl who cries excitement! She gets herself into one amusing mess after another, seeking to shake up herself and Eden. Kylie’s brother Spencer, her best friend Faye, her unlikely champion in Travis, and a town filled with gossipy, nosy, well-meaning citizens make every page of Out of Eden fun and exciting. Jack is an all-around great guy and Out of Eden is an all-around great story with some sizzling sex, a bit of action, and a mystery or two to solve." -- Joyfully Reviewed

"Ciotta has done a really good job with the dialogue in this novel. She's been able to make the exchanges between Kylie and Jack feel so real and so intimate at the same time. The reader can almost feel their first kiss with their childhood crush while reading, and certainly can fee those emotions. Out of Eden is fun and kind of zany with a formulaic storyline and a weird twist. It certainly will entertain those looking for a piece of escape reading.." --Associated Content

I'm not bragging, I'm not. I'm . . . celebrating.


Elle J Rossi said…
Brag on. I would. These are wonderful reviews and well deserved!

You go, Beth! You know how much I love Kylie and Jack's story. Apparently so do many others!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, Elle! Knowing I've touched a reader in a postive way is certainly a rush. Here's to multiple 'rushes'. :)
Mary Stella said…
As always, I'm proud as all get out of you, Beth!
BJ said…
Great reviews Beth! You have every right to brag!
Olga said…
Congratulations on great reviews, Beth! Well-deserved!
Bob & JoAnn said…
We bought the first copy at the bookstore! Wanted to make sure we got our copy before they sold out.
I enjoyed it so much; I read your newest book in one sitting. The characters were so real and the dialog was right on. There were funny situations with plenty of humor. Now, I will let JoAnn get a chance to read it.

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