SLAMMED (the good, bad, and inspiring)

Wow. First I got slammed by a computer virus (although that crisis is behind me) and then a blizzard (20" of snow!) and now less than a week later we're being slammed by another snow storm.

The good news is... we haven't lost power. Yet.

More good news... the county closed the library so I have an unexpected day off.

More good news.... starting tomorrow, due to President's Holidays and my normal weekend off, I now have six days off in a row. Yahoo!

I am using it to catch up on business, much of it related to my blog ventures. If you get a chance hop over to Animal Tales at Sisters in Sync and check out our new interest--Adopt-a-Pet!

Another goal is to catch up on posts over at Barking at Eden's Door. I (I mean Shy-the-Sensitive-Dog) has been meaning to introduce you to the cast of my (our) upcoming release OUT OF EDEN. She's (I'm) a little behind.

Since I'm sharing good news, hop over and congratulate my friend Stephanie Bond. Her Body Movers series (MIRA) has been optioned by Sony Pictures Television to be a TV series! Go, Steph!

Another MIRA author and fantastic lady, M.J. Rose also landed a TV series (on Fox) based on her Reincarnationist series. PAST LIFE premiered last night. I taped it for future viewing. Can't wait!

And another friend recently got some great news too. Congrats to historcial author Amanda McIntyre for breaking in with a contemporary with Spice Briefs!

Hmm. I feel a swift, but good kick in the pants. Now that I'm revved up, off I go to work on a new proposal. So... how do you feel about dimension-traveling Victorian assassins?


Sisters-in-Sync said…
Love all the good news! It's uplifting for sure.

Victorian assassins? Absolutely!

Beth Ciotta said…
Barb, re: Victorian assasins... I've been 'worldbuilding all day. Boy, is my brain tired. Interesting though.

Knocking of to read a Victorian romance on my KINDLE! That's a bit of good news I forgot to share. I finally got my Kindle!

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