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Dear Self-Publishing Company,

If you're going to spend the the money on stationary and postage to solicit me, you should probably spell my name correctly. Or at least come close. I have no idea who Beth Chybik is.

Oh, and you might want to spend two seconds googling the writers you're soliciting. Note: A writer who's currently writing for a major NYC publisher (and getting paid for it) probably isn't interested in your services. But thank you for your consideration.

Beth Ciotta


I know. I know. I haven't blogged in forever. Well, at least not here. I'm pathetic. Well, not really. Just super busy and running in all directions.

Late notice, but I'm guest blogging at The Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills. If you see this... hop over and join in the fun!

More soon. I swear.

Sort of.

Witchy Woman

Popping in to direct you over to Sisters In Sync. We have a fabulous guest blogger today! Multi-published author, Linda Wisdom, is sharing insight on her Hex series. Hop over for a fun and fascinating peek into her witchy world!

Linda's post came at a perfect time for me. I'm currently developing a complex new series. Or at least trying to. Tough work, but fun. Wish me luck!

Happy New Year!

2010, huh? Wow. It sounds so... futuristic. Speaking of the future, I'm discussing mine over at SIS. New Year. . . New Attitude. Hop on over!

Also, if you're a writer in need of motivation (or an attitude adjustment) check out these posts by J.A. Konrath, Laura Caldwell, and Yasmine Galenorn

Wishing you all a fabulous New Year full of love, laughter, and contenment!