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Exciting Updates!

One of these days I'll get better about blogging on a more regular basis. Just not this month. *g*

Finished and turned in the gallies for Out of Eden. Yay! The official release date is April 1, 2010, but the promotional efforts are already in motion. This past week I was invited to write an article for the magazine Simply Books. Having stopped by this blog (goes to show I really should update more!) they noticed I'm an animal lover and since their readers are animal lovers and since Out of Edenco-stars a dog, they thought I might be interested in writing an article about animals. My answer? You bet! As a bonus, they're going to include a picture of the dog who inspired Out of Eden'sfictional dog, Shy, my real-life dog, Cheyenne! I'm so excited!
Another reason to happy dance, Out of Edenis now available for pre-order! Be the first on your block to own your very own copy. Lots of quirky, fun characters. There's humor and thrills. A romance and a mystery. Oh! And a…