When it Rains, It Pours... and other stuff

A couple of days ago, I received the AAs (author alterations aka gallies) for OUT OF EDEN, my April 2010 release from HQN. For those who don't know, it's the last phase before the story goes to print. My last chance to check for typos. The deadline, the date HQN needs my changes back--November 16. The same day my draft of INTO THE WILD--my September 2010 release is due.

I had to laugh. It was that or cry. When it rains it pours.

In other news, even though I'm here sporadically, I'm always at Sisters in Sync. Today we're discussing scary movies in honor of Halloween, but skim all of our posts. They're fun!

Speaking of Halloween, I have to work at the library tomorrow. The staff is dressing up. I have two closets full of costumes, thanks to my previous life as a character actress. I spied one of four poodle skirts and thought it might be fun to be a bobby soxer... but then I'd have to look for my saddle oxfords and a matching sweater.

Ooh! I have an authentic 60s dress/suit and matching pill box hat. I could be one of the chicks from 'Madmen'. Although, I'm not sure everyone would get it. Dang.

Easiest costume... my Gothic gown. A sorceress. A vampire, witchy type woman. Cliche, but easy. Easy--when under a stressful deadline is good. Stay tuned for pics.

What about you? Are you dressing up for Halloween? Do share!


Elle J Rossi said…
Hi! I usually don't but this year I'm going as a witch. A friend of mine loaned me her cloak (hood and all...no pointy hat for me) and I'm going to put it on and hit the streets with Drama and Comedy! No green make-up either, I'm going to be a beautiful witch. Wish me luck!
Sweet Italy said…
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BJ said…
Monster is going as a black cat so of course I'm going to be her witch. Smurfette is with her Dad, it is her grandmas B-day today so they are having a big party. First Halloween with out her.
Olga said…
Hugs about the deadlines! As for the costumes, I'm probably one of those rare people who never dressed up for the Halloween. Looking forward to pictures!
Beth Ciotta said…
Elle, I bet you look amazing in that cloak! I want pics! Must have pics of Comedy and Drama too. That goes unsaid. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
BJ, you and Monster will make a perfect pair. Hugs on missing Smurfette!
Beth Ciotta said…
Olga... can you believe I forgot to take my camera to work? A co-worker took a photo. Maybe I can get a copy....

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